From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the fourth riveting installment in the internationally bestselling and universally acclaimed Kurt Wallander series, the basis for. In the award-winning Sidetracked, Kurt Wallander is called to a nearby rapeseed field where a teenage girl has been loitering all day long. He arrives just in time. Sidetracked. A Kurt Wallander Mystery. Henning Mankell. Translated by Steven T . Murray. Gripping suspense combines with probing social commentary in the.

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Enjoying the onset of a lovely and warm Swedish summer day Kurt receives and unusual call: Although the Swedish characters and settings are a mouthful Deceptively long at pages with a small font, the terrific detective saga took longer sodetracked I thought, but satisfied throughout.

That being said, the dialogue seems to me at times stilted, and occasionally the characters seem to be speaking with the same voice, but that may be due more to translation than any fault of the author. In the sweltering Swedish summer ofa sadistic serial killer begins preying on elderly, successful men, violently slaughtering them with an axe before collecting their scalps as trophies.

I mean, Wallander is chasing an axe-wielding serial killer and at every turn someone is wondering how this case will accommodate their summer holiday.

My hero: Henning Mankell by Ian Rankin

As I believe telling a plot of a detective story spoils the whole f This has been my first book by Mankell and there is going to be more.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I am now officially a fan of the Kurt Wallander series. But this is a view that often confounds Swedish people. There are a number of troubled families in kankell book, for example, including Wallander’s own. Dec 29, Laura Tortorelli rated it really liked it. Dec 27, Angela rated it really liked it. But that is precisely what makes him human, what makes Walander so attractive as our hero.


At the same moment a smell of gasoline wafted toward him. Only one of those authors has deliv Sometimes when you discover a new author — even when your first exposure to their books doesn’t blow your mind — you see the promise of something fantastic, and you keep reading.

He was forced to watch as she doused herself with gasoline and set herself ablaze. It is largely quantified as police procedural work.

Sidetracked (Kurt Wallander, #5) by Henning Mankell

And Wallander has to catch him before European summer holiday. Mar 20, Brad rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 16 comments. Mankell spends a lot of time exploring Wallander’s thinking as he tries to solve the murders and the sub-plot involving his relationships with his woman friend, his daughter and his father are well documented from his point of view.

I could not stop: Here Mankell takes Wallander’s troubled family, if not Wallander’s forgetfullness, his protective attitude towards children in general and makes it a distraction to resolving the case. Support The New Press. While it started out rather gripping any time a person lights themselves on fire in the middle of an open field, you have my attention but I felt that it got a tiny bit slow, just as all the Wallander books do.

His Kurt Wallander mysteries are global She continued to stand utterly motionless.

He can hardly handle laundry. We can see our own weaknesses in Wallander. The New Press is a nonprofit public-interest book publisher.


The woman was about fifty meters away out in the rapeseed field.

Mankell touches on human trafficking but it doesn’t overwhelm the book like his forays into other social ills have done in previous books. Mar 26, Harry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now there are a bunch of worries you can get concerned with.

My hero: Henning Mankell by Ian Rankin | Books | The Guardian

This, while unknown to Kurt our killer in possession of keys to the apartment waits for them to go to sleep. He is in the great tradition of those whose works transcend their chosen genre to become thrilling and moral literature. Then he stopped short. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

The viewer will know quite early sidetrcaked the serial killer is a deranged adolescent boy, but what exactly is his motive? Mankell’s love of Africa, his theater work on that continent, and his exploits in helping the disadvantaged is not generally known by his American readers.

I’m just not a fan of that Print HardcoverPaperback. However these events comprise a very small part of the book.

Views Read Edit View history. Her eyes were wide open and she was staring straight at him.