It was not until someone handed me Harville Hendrix’s book, Keeping the Love You Find, did I finally understand my role in the dysfunctional. Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. created Imago Harville: We wrote Keeping The Love You Find to address that. Keeping the Love You Find. By Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., ISBN 5 star must reading. [The following is what I highlighted during my read of this.

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The Minimizer has tight, rigid boundaries, and relates everything to himself; he cannot walk in your shoes, or see your point of view.

Swimming Against the Tide. Competitive; aggressive; puts partner down. But our minds and our hearts have not kept up with this change. Maintain self-identity; be responsible to others; learn to trust others.

Keeping The Love You Find! | Care2 Healthy Living

And the bottomline is that relationships are exactly the medicine you need for no other state of being offers such and to this degree. Your Imago match resembles your childhood caretakers.

Paperbackpages. He gives up on intimacy and settles for success as an indirect bid for approval. Return to Book Page. A rapist suffers from sensory deprivation, from the repression of erosfrom a deep self-hatred acted out upon a hated object—the perfect formula for violence.


Working on myself to improve the quality of my eventual marriage is a great concept to me. Is Culture the Culprit?

Keeping the Love you Find

It’s a good self-discovery book and it talks about finding and developing healthy relationships. But a moratorium on mate hunting can be an invaluable opportunity for self-discovery at any age. We have every opportunity, individually and societally, to have powerful, transforming marriages, and to have those marriages transform our society.

Forget the Mating Game! Many emotionally abused adults cannot, will not, admit that what happened to them was abusive….

The way you respond to the projection confirms for the projector that it is true: Your awareness and your intention will make the difference. Unlike some other reviewers, I don’t feel his book is an insult to singles at all.

Keeping the Love You Find by Harville Hendrix

It is the right workshop for you if you are an individual seeking personal growth, enhanced communication and relationship skills. The world admires his independence, but he lives virtually alone in his fortress, determined to avoid the pain of being vulnerable to rejection.


In order to reach a stage of real love, our unconscious aim must become our conscious attention. Relationship Resources — Communication problems? I hate to say it, but there is no love in romance.

I will be hurt if Fund initiate contact with you. Aug 02, Tony Moze rated it it was amazing. This must be a reciprocal and unconditional gifting if the partners are to become passionate friends.

Keeping the Love You Find

The idea of the disposability of the troubled spouse is dangerous and destructive. The psyche is committed to its own completion.

The culturally imposed sex roles and sexual stereotypes we have been discussing with respect to gender are particularly devastating in the sexual arena. The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of Care2, Inc. Voracious rage and terror. We want ourselves back. Some good information, a bit heavy on the psych stuff at times, and a godawful horrid cover design.