Fragilitas Membran Eritrosit. Bagian Biokimia FK UNDIP. • Menjelaskan pengaruh larutan hiper/hipotonik terhadap membran sel. Tujuan • Menjelaskan proses. Uji fragilitas globular eritrosit Uji fragilitas osmotik eritrosit (juga disebut resistensi osmotik eritrosit) dilakukanuntuk mengukur kemampuan. Tasmini, Salam A, Ismadi M, Aktivitas ensin glukose 6 fosfat dehydrogenase ( G6PD)dan fragilitas eritrosit bayi baru lahir. BPPSUGM,8(1B),February

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The need for further research on the quality of the preparation of red blood cells during storage after eritroist as seen levels of hemolysis hemolysis rate. The preparation of red blood cells were divided into 4 groups, ie the group that received , cGy dose and control. Pemeriksaan elektroforesis Hb perlu disosialisasikan kepada klinisi untuk menegakkan diagnosis Talasemia dan kecurigaan terhadap traits Talasemia.

Erike Anggraini Suwarsono – Pengutipan Google Scholar

The aim of this study is to investigate the epidemiology clinical and laboratory aspect of the Thalassemia patient needing routine transfusion in RSUP Dr. Test Electrophoresis Hb require to be socialized to doctor to make diagnosed by Thalassemia and suspicion to traits Thalassemia.


This study aims to determine the effect of various doses of irradiation effects on red fraagilitas cells during storage. Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology Medicine.

This study used a descriptive analytic design at 54 red blood cell preparations that meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Peripheral blood smear a step aside and usable osmotic fragility test as screening Thalassemia after existence of later clinic suspicion can be continued test of electrophoresis Hb and analyze the fi gene DNA. View original from ejournal.

Dr. dr. Zaenal Muttaqien

There were no significant differences in red blood cell membrane resistance to all doses of irradiation during storage until the fifth day. Morfologi darah tepi dan tes fragilitas osmotik dapat dipakai sebagai skrining Talasemia setelah adanya kecurigaan klinis dilanjutkan pemeriksaan elektroforesis Hb dan analisis DNA gen B.

Sardjito Yogyakarta Tahun Linda Rosita. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages.

Surveilans yang berbasis data demografi dan laboratorium pada pasien Talasemia yang memerlukan transfusi darah rutin dapat memberikan kontribusi terhadap penaggulangan penyakit di masyarakat dan meningkatkan mutu pelayanan kepada pasien dan keluarganya. An increase in potassium levels was statistically significant from the first day after irradiation at all doses.


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Irradiation at doses of cGy can cause erotrosit pottasium level and does not cause changes fragility of red blood cells stored for 5 days after irradiation. OFT testing and potassium levels on the first day, the third and fifth storage. The study retrospectively, subject are the patient with routine transfusion and have complete laboratory data.