Well – these have the dreaded Dallas DS “all in one” Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with integrated Xtal and battery. Now the battery is dead, configuration is. FEATURES. ▫ Drop–in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/calendar. ▫ Pin compatible with the MCB and. DSA. ▫ Totally nonvolatile with over Dallas DS, DS and Compatibles – External Battery Rework Advice. The following is some extra information that you might find useful if you plan to.

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After the dust cleared They have a tendency to bend when you aren’t looking. Originally Posted by DOS lives on!! Unless of course you’re like me and have more bad luck than you should when things come down to the wire.

These are intended for short-term use with strong charge and discharge intervals – not for long-term storage with a comparatively small discharge rate.

The suggested implement to open dallss modules is a Dremel tool. I soldered a 22 solid wire to each of the battery holder pins, then glued the holder to the DS case using model airplane plastic cement. I couldn’t get far enough away from the planar with my batteries, but I’ll keep an eye on them periodically.

Dallas DS, DS and Friends – Rework Advice

Great remanufactured chip I replaced my RTC chip in my Compaq Deskpro s with one of these sold by ericchungelectronic and it works perfectly. I know the DS is a newer replacement, but is it still in production? Not easy when dealing with a computer over 20 years old. This worked very well and allowed me to put the batteries in a location where they’d be easier to change. Modules that are well over the stated lifetime of ten years may continue to keep time for another five years or so.


What’s the date code on yours? It won’t do it no sallas and may result in early death of that part due to excessive internal heating. I started with a sharp knife to make the initial cuts and followed them up ds11287 by running the jaws of a needle nose pliers into the cuts. I’m going to have to give the hack a try. The only serious drawback is the battery inside the module does eventually fail. Don’t ever solder directly on a coin-style Li-Cell.

I ordered a free DS sample from the company that gobbled up Dallas Semiconductor. Go with the hot glue. Be sure not to use rechargeable batteries. Originally Posted by orion Note the battery dzllas All that remained then was to simply wire up a button battery holder to the exposed metal.

To daallas day, it’s still chugging along. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. After these pins were exposed, breaking the connection to the internal battery was easy. This picture shows the second module I reworked in a Model I discovered that the RTC chip was dead.

Reworking the DS / DS RTC chip

The listing doesn’t say that the RTC comes with the battery and it has voltage something essential for machines that use these real time clocks so your old computer will be able to store it’s CMOS data again.

No errors, just a straight boot-through as it should be. You can see the result here sorry, the text is in french: Of those, the following thread mentions certain things like the DS is not always a substitute for the DS Ordinarily, there’s a lot to like about the Dallas clock modules.


Most likely you won’t get a wire soldered properly to it.

Vallas sets too fast! When you’ve daolas this, punch through it with a nail, awl or similarly sharp device. For anyone who attempts this mod I used a medium sized flat file I don’t know about the DS, but with most clock chips the battery isn’t connected until the first time you power up the chip, so even sitting on a shelf for 10 years should have minimal effect on the battery life.

Dallas DS1287 DIP Real Time Clock 3pcs

My old computer has been out of action for months, but this week I got it going again by following the instructions on your webpage “Reworking the DS RTC chip”. For the second module I reworked, I did all of the work using a moderately sized side cutters. Best rework chip Best rework chip, save lots of diy effort.

Along with the real time clock this chip also holds the CMOS battery, all entombed together in a compact plugin unit. I have a motherboard that has been sitting around unused for a couple years. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

The daily self-discharge rate on some rechargeables is higher than the current taken by the RTC. Skip to main content. Up for sale is one piece DS