Editorial Reviews. Review. Crimson Moon was an excellent read. Chock full of action Crimson Moon (Crimson Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by J.A. Saare. Crimson Moon. By J.A. Saare. Adult. An average morning is what Emma Johnson anticipates until she’s attacked by a mob of bloodthirsty. Crimson Moon (Crimson Trilogy, book 1) by J A Saare – book cover, description, publication history.

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Little did I know that I wouldn’t be able to put it down since I started reading. All I wanted to do saarre see what happened next! Saare certainly wastes no time in getting the action started.

After an instant courtship and mate bonding with him she has to go meet her fathers vamp family. Emma is heartbroken and after much soul searching, she agrees criimson become a vampire and she agrees to date her father’s right-hand man, Trent. The romance is at the forefront more than the plot. I think that in Crimson Sunrise, there will be more depth to these characters, which is something that Saare excels at.

While kissing Emma, a strange smell of pine and woods marks the beginning of Caleb bonding with Emma. Caleb is tall, dark and handsome. It seems everyone in the ctimson world wants a piece of Emma in one fashion or another. I thought with the way it was written it was a YA, but then came across the touch This is the second book by J. The storyline picks up rather quickly Again, her reaction is or I should say mpon lack of reaction did not seem real.

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I like a bit more action in my books but the relationship between Caleb and Emma more than made up for it. I picked it up on Amazon randomly and thought the blurb looked intriguing. Crimson Moon Crimson Trilogy 1 by J. And so begins the love story between Emma and her savior with the piercing blue eyes Caleb.


Smashwords – Crimson Moon – a book by J.A. Saare

Saare wisk the reader from the rolling hills of Minnesota to the rustic wood of Tennesses to the glorious green Scotish coast. I prefer more action in my books, but this was very interesting to read, and I think it laid the groundwork for the remainder of this book and the following books in this series. Emma Johnson is essentially all alone in the world. JA Saare introduces the reader to several likeable characters from sweet Southern Billy, best friend “were” Sarah to the always sexy szare good hearted Trent.

Description An average morning is what Emma Johnson envisions when she visits Joe’s Caf for a steaming cup of coffee.

Mon laughed, and enjoyed many moon. And it just keeps going from there at a brisk pace.

I enjoy reading about both vampires and werewolves. Along the way, Emma learns that Caleb and his pack were sent to protect Emma from a vampire hell-bent on destroying her.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 18mm JA Saare just became one of my favorite authors!!! One, Luca won’t rest until he can speak with Emma, and two, Emma needs to confront her demons. This is her crash course in the supernatural world.

Crimson Moon

You can yield and allow us to leave quietly, or I will end this right now. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but there’s a big showdown with a vampire prince that wants Emma under his watch because Emma will have a super power once she’s a vamp. And the “bonding” is just another word for “imprinting ” again from Twilight Oh I forgot to mention that Caleb did not want to sleep with Emma in the Cabin and did Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Bella chose Jacob in the Twilight series?!

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I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her because she’s from a small town where nothing goes without its fair share of gossip.

She’s attacked by strange people with red eyes one day. Not often in my reading journey have I come to experience something so very different from book to book as I have come to experience with J. Saare’s first published book? His eyes were glowing blue embers of light, dangerous and outraged. The first half of the book is really strong, eaare although the the last half grated on me a bit, this is still a crison, romantic story.

May 17, Jenn rated it liked it. She lives on her own because her mother died when she was much younger, her father left her mother when she was preggers with Emmaline, and her grandmother is suffering from alzheimer’s in a nursing facility.

Run don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and get this book; you’ll absolutely love it.

Crimson Moon : J A Saare :

She is able to describe emotions and thoughts so vividly. So I really enjoyed this book, only problem was that it dragged out in the middle a bit.

Okay so out of fairness I should be upfront that I’m a Jamie Saae Fangirl, I consider her a friend and have become obsessed addicted to all her books. This is the second book by J.

OMG I saxre believe her mother was alive. I give Crimson Moon by J.

Werewolves aren’t allowed to know where the vampires live so Caleb can’t come with her.