Bhaja Govindam of Adi Shankaracharya with Slokas and Translation. bhaja govindam sloka 1 bhajagovindam bhajagovindam govindam bhaja moodhamathe samprapte sannihite kaale nahi nahi rakshati dukrinkaranemeaning: b. This work has been identified as an English translation where the translator is bhajagovindam bhajagovindam govindam bhajamuudhamate.

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Once the breath leaves, the body decays, even the wife fears that very same body. Is there no one to guide you?

He then will have no altercation with Yama. One may go to gangasagar ganesobserve fasts, and give away riches in charity!

If you want to attain soon the Vishnu-status, be equal-minded in all circumstances. Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool! Time plays and life ebbs away. Later on, when you come tolive with an old, infirm body, no one at home cares to speak even a word with you!! It is said that Shri Adi Shankaracharya, accompanied by his disciples, was walking along a street in Varanasi one day when he came across an aged scholar reciting the rules of Sanskrit grammar repeatedly on the street.

Stanza attributed to dRiDhabhakti.

Stanza attributed to bhArativamsha. Views Read Edit View history.

Bhaja Govindam – Wikisource, the free online library

The matter is urgent, as the Acharya explains in the next verse, for, when the hour of death approaches without any forewarning, the hard-learned verses of grammar are not going to save the poor soul. This page was last edited on 28 Augustat It really inspired me and thanks for Adi Shankara may he bless us more with such wisdom. Why worry about wife, wealth? Who is my father? Give up all attachments and renounce all comforts. Published by Motilal Banarsidass Publ.


Bhaja govindaM has been set to musical tones and sung as prayer songs by children. Is there none to guide thee and show the way? Cast into hell they suffer there endlessly. Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, oh fool! The former is a set of verses verses while the rest of the verses form charpaTamanjarikA. Though death brings an end to everything, man does not give up the sinful path.

Youth is lost by attachment to woman. Give up all attachments and renounce all comforts. If you wish to attain the status of Vishnu, have samabhAva, equanimity, always. The life of a man is as uncertain as rain drops trembling on a lotus leaf. He who yields to lust for pleasure leaves his body a prey to disease. When water is evaporated, where is the lake? O brother, think of that Truth here.

Without exception, chanting the Lords name, is the only path That will help you cross the limitless ocean of life’s Samsara. Understand, the very world is consumed by disease and conceit, and is riddled with pangs.

Bhaja Govindam

From where do I come? However, the significance of the text goes much deeper and contains a well defined philosophy of attaining salvation. Without information about the translator, it is impossible to determine the goivndam status of this work, making it a potential copyright violation.


Stanza attributed to sumatira. Stanza attributed to nityAnanda. A milder approach would delay the matter. The person thus awakened gets set on a path to the inner road back to the God principle.

Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. The old man moves about leaning on his staff.

Who is your son? Perform these with care, with extreme care. Do not waste your efforts to win the love of or to fight against friend and foe, children and relatives. In the three worlds it is the association-with-good-people alone that can serve as a boat to cross the sea of change, birth and death. Anyone who listens to the music of Bhaja govindaM is attracted to it. Distribute your wealth in charity to the poor and the needy.

But no one at home cares to even have a word with him when his body totters due to old age. Think well thus in your mind again and again. This bouquet of twelve verses was imparted to a grammarian by the all-knowing Gvoindam, adored as the bhagavadpada.