Al-Ibriz. Sayings of Sayyid Sh. ´Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Hasani Written down by Sh. Ahmad ibn al-Mubarak al-Lamati. English: View PDF | Download (56 MB). Results 1 – 11 of 11 al-?ahab al-ibriz (4e quart) MU?AMMAD IBN SA?ID and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. : Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al- Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of.

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Why did you give them permission before it was clear to you which of them spoke the truth and you knew which were the liars? He gave them the power to heal the blind and lepers, and to bring the dead back to life.

Each of them bedded down for the ibrkz in her own separate bedding, and I bedded down for the night by myself in my own separate bedding. Do you see a ibria in here? This is more conducive ap success in his purpose and brings the answer to his prayer closer. Despite that, disobedience manifests itself in him but this is [only] according to what appears to us and not in reality. By means of it all existing things are cleansed of evil.

Only the heir to his secret stayed with him. And God give you success!

I want my body to look at your body so that tomorrow it will intercede for my body before God. Musa aley salam was not aware of what Al-Khidr ibrzi, Sulayman was not aware of what Hud Hud had seen, Ibrahim did not knew some of his unknown guests were angels, and so on… The Prophet saw did not know some hypocrites in Madinah, he did not know the incident of Ifk, the case of honey, the incident about the prisoners of Badr, and other matters.

His name is Sayyidi Muhammad b.


He then experienced illumination. It behaves as they behave, like an image that appears in a mirror. Thus if you begin to speak, it speaks and if you start to eat, it eats. The disciple is like a pregnant woman who carries her child.

But God alone confers success! Indeed, the ship caught fire without any cause.

Ahmed Sijilmasi – Wikipedia

This is in the area of the three Pivots who are on the left, above the circle of the first row in the space between the Support and the three Pivots. Indeed, God the Sublime is his advocate against whoever is hypocritical toward him, and is his litigant and bearer of proofs. He said — God be pleased with him: So how is it possible for the first to be left with the appearance of an insane person and for ibfiz second to be left in his normal state, while the spirit of both of them has departed?

Thus in this station he beholds the angels and the recording angels, the Diwan and the Friends of God who constitute it. Al-Dabbagh said—God be pleased with him: And he hears it without letters, sound and perceiving it with particular qualities. But whoever has a bad intention will experience the opposite of this. What happened is there was a youth staying with the shaykh, whose father was an eminent man. The request of someone who uses him as an intermediary with God is actually granted by the people with the power of ibroz disposal.

Having become aroused, it hurls itself at someone and kills him.

The shameful Sufi book “Al-Ibriz” gathering sayings of Ad-Dabbagh | Umm-Ul-Qura Publications

It imitates you in everything that comes forth from you. Ad-Dabbagh is affirming such powers to these saints of the Diwan that no Prophets had. Then the shaykh came out and said: He replied—God be pleased with him—tilting his head upward and bringing it down again: We beseech God for protection from this! Rather there are some among them who can look at it whereas there are others who turn to it with their deeper vision basira but are unfamiliar with what it contains.


The shameful Sufi book “Al-Ibriz” gathering sayings of Ad-Dabbagh

One can see that it is exactly the creed of Tanasukh of the Hindus, that the soul of human beings enters other bodies of animals. When the people saw him, they implored the shaykh [for forgiveness] and began 87 to curse the false disciple. He entered his house and remained there for a certain time. The birds imagine the effigy is a man and flee from it. One of them was where the mountain trail began and the wl half way along it. The spirit can remain absent for seventeen days or more, but it must long for its body.

Demons belong to darkness and falsehood, whereas the Friends of God- God be pleased with them, belong to the truth.

And so it is for other such wicked things. The cause of this apparent sin is the wretchedness damnation of those present—God the Sublime protect us ibgiz this!

And I heard him say—God be pleased with him: One day he wanted to put them to the test and test them he did.

Ahmed Sijilmasi

And despite this clear Kufr, we see most of Sufis praising this book, it has been translated in many languages and is one of the greatest and most popular Sufi book. Also on can see how Ad-Dabbagh clearly claims divinity when saying that heavens and earths are like a Mawzuna in a desert land compared to him. God alone confers success! For the vision mushahada he experiences rejects disobedience and it hinders sin, though not in a way that goes as far as sinlessness so that Friendship with God competes with prophethood.