Home Storage Center Prices and Products To see a list of center locations and their hours, click here. If hours are not listed, please call your Home Storage. Where Can I Find the LDS Cannery Price List & Order Form? Order Form – If you plan on purchasing food at the LDS Cannery you can download the current. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS Cannery Home Storage Center Order Form Download forms here by clicking on the following links: Home .

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LDS Cannery (aka Home Storage Center): What You Need to Know Before Going

We have created a long-term food storage building plan. So easy to navigate too! There needs to be a large number of church members in a specific area for canenry to be effective. Misty, You did a fabulous job with this. I have wondered why popcorn and the soup mix are no longer available.

Home Storage Centers

Unless a product is defective, returns and exchanges will only be accepted if the item is in new condition. We had a great response!

It is properly packaged for long term storage and available lits the same low prices. I’ve sent your worksheet to your inbox! We are instituting a program that helps you build your food supply at little each month.

Orders typically leave the distribution center rpice a day or two after they are placed, but when you get your order depends on how quickly Fed Ex can get it to you based on where you live.


Home Storage Centers

What brought on the big changes? The few remaining facilities stopped offering self-canning in the fall of Anyone can purchase one from them. I can also see that the LDS church would want people to be prepared because when we all help ourselves, we are not dependent upon one another and thus can continue the work of the Lord.

Produces up to gallons of filtered water. Glad others have found it useful too! Dry pack canners are expensive! Comment Name Email Website. You may be able to get cans, lids, and oxygen absorbers from local food processing plants in your area. Yes, you can have the food shipped to you if you live in the United States.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has Home Storage Centers to help support families in building a basic supply of food in their own homes for times of need. I’ve just sent your printable binder pages to your inbox! However, the food is the same, and it is properly packaged for long term storage and available at extremely low prices. I was aware of the Centers but not aware that all people could use them. Larger orders may be shipped by Fed Ex Freight.

These other home storage cannedy are purchased by us, and we repackage them in Church processing facilities. Remember to factor in the days it will take to leave the distribution center in Utah. To search for the location nearest you click HERE. I am not a member of your church; however, I will soon be visiting a Center in order to increase my long term storage items.


Misty on September 21, at 9: There is also a Spanish form available as well as one pice Canada. Thank you for your wonderful information. Misty on October 9, at 1: At a home storage center individuals can purchase food items such as wheat, dry beans, rice, and other products that have been prepackaged for longer-term storage.

I noticed the church no longer has beef or turkey chunks listed on their order form. Hello my name is Taryna Ansell my husband name is Paul Ansell, we are members of the one true church, we are doing our home storage, we need to know where to get our wheat from as I am finding it pgice to get somealso we could do with a book to help usmany thanks Taryna Ansell.

Make sure you “whitelist” my email address add misty SimpleFamilyPreparedness. Part of that approval process is to assess their commitment to food liat. Katherine on August 3, at