The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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Ogedengbe rebuffed him saying he was fighting Ijesa National war. Tukur Buratai Seun Oyedele 2 days ago. The Yorubas should be united at all time to withstand Hausa-Fulani aggression.

Jalumi War – Wikipedia

The woman turned out to be the wife of an Oke-Imesi prince, Fabunmi. It was the peak of the rainy season, and many Ibadan soldiers drowned crossing the Oba and Osun rivers.

He was said to have died at the camp located in Igbajo. The time has come to relive the history and turn Kiriji War site into an international tourism destination.

Kiriji War

Despite the Ibadan victory, the Ijebu refused to ally with them and the Egba would not give them passage to the coast. So our forefathers were basically kicking one another’s bu. The myth of religion, tradition and culture Oodutor October 26, Eventually, Ibadan found itself fighting on five fronts. Reports were made orally and openly to Ogedengbe but he could not control then, believing that they were the fingers that fed him during his travails.

To the Contrary, Odole Ariyasunle who was never happy raised opposing views and advised Ogedengbe to leave Ilesa. It is held that a tortoise turned into the rock. Ufeolorun is not yoruba or sane.

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This gave the Ekiti and the Ijesha their chance. Nobody came to this world to serve another man. After some initial reverses, the Ekitiparapo gained something of an advantage in the conflict, and the help they received from Ekiti Saro merchants in Lagos was crucial.

Ijaiye and Oyo were already at loggerheads over the control of the Upper Ogun towns around Saki. Ibikunle chastised the slave, and according to some reports, had him whipped. You might also like. How did the Ijesha come to settle in western Ekitiland? He said only the kkiriji business mogul-turned politician, Chief Moshood Abiola, who was the immediate past Aare Ona-Kakanfo did not visit the town for kifiji final installation rites.

In Ibadan a system had to be developed which could accommodate the interests of these men. They also learnt lessons on kkiriji, brotherhood, peace and unity.

The Ibadans surrounded Ilesa but could not enter into the town. Bythe Ibandan troops were fidgeting so, from their Igbajo base, Are Latosisa wzr to Alaanfin of Oyo to contact the Residents of the colonial British Government, and find means of settlement because the Ijesas in alliance with the Ekitis generally are kirijl difficult to succumb to the Oyos wishes.

Like Glover, he took the view that the key to the situation lay in control of the trade routes through Ijebu and Egba.

The Lagos kirlji was under instructions from London and Accra to keep out of the conflict, even though the fighting was having serious effects kirij the economic life of the colony. Kingdoms of the Yoruba. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It is a mysterious tree that played significant roles during the war when the battle was fierce klriji many casualties were recorded. The Owa Obokun hesitated in singing his petition to the resident at Oyo, because he was the one who appointed and installed him when Ogedengbe refused to be installed as the Owa Obokun Captain Bower came to Ilesa with twenty-one soldiers to arrest Ogedengbe.


It was then known that the Ekiti Parapo forces were fully prepared to capture alive the Are Latosisa. The two powers hastily agreed on a frontier in Anene, The Lagos government was under instructions from London and Accra to keep out of the conflict, even though the fighting was having serious effects on the economic life of the colony.

Researchers, historians, and students from both secondary and tertiary institutions also go there on excursion free of charge since the site has not been developed as a tourism centre. Kiriji War 28th December Despite this, the flow of supplies was not completely free.

Did they have some connection prior to this Ekitiparapo war? Public opinion in Britain had at times been against imperial expansion, and it was only in the s, when the pace of competition with the French and Germans quickened, that the British increased their influence in the interior. He even boasted before leaving Ibadan that he would use only three 3 days to overrun the Ijesas on getting to the battle front, he invited Ogedengbe and reminded him of his Ogedengbe oath at Ibadan immediately after the Igbajo war.

I’m not an overly superstitious, religious guy, but at times I wonder. To negotiate a peace, the administration turned to the CMS.