I’m writing some of his predictions just to give a slight idea. You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and excess sleep. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. Veera Brahmendra Swamy There are millions of devotees, who pray to him till date because they believe that, he is still alive in Jeeva Samadhi and protecting.

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Peethams like Kanchi, Sringeri, Pushpagiri, etc. A crocodile enters the temple of Goddess Bhramaramba at Srisailam and stays for eight days, cries like a goat and disappears. Most of his predictions have come true and rest is yet to come true.

Water and fire comes from Lord Siva. Masters will abandon an incapacitated servant, even if that servant has been in the family for generations. The aftermath will continue upto and the calamities will be upto Only 25 Gothras of Vysya community will survive by the Year Dhata The Kalagnanam has many authors, who prophesied the future of their times.

That is the time when the dark influence of the age of Kali-yuga will become so dominant that its full influence will manifest without hindrance.

He lived somewhere else as an unknown Indian. The contents of this article have been obtained through the medium of advanced sixth sense ESP.

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial

Any suggestions and alterations are invited from the devotees towards further developments of this website. The team works with a motto of offering utmost comfort, dignity, and security to the elderly people that are the prime needs. When Saturn enters Zodiac sign Gemini, many sinners kalagnamam be killed.


Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya started annihilating the evil from the earth from These schools are of several kinds, suited to different qualities, and to both sexes.

Retrieved from ” https: It is observed the prophecy came true partially and will be completed in future – There was an internal explosion kalagnaanam Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in and followed years there were internal explosions in some other organisations.

Lord Bhirava chants mantras continuously. All these palm leaf books tell the future of the world till the end of Kaliyuga.

The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. In the year Parthiva people offer poojas to a neem tree that born in a temple situated north to Karnool Andhra Pradesh for a month and later the said tree omits some poisonous gas and takes thousands of people Predictions, made earlier in Bhargava purana, later by Potuluri Veerabrahmendra swamy are detailed.

Telugu language Language stubs. Those who know nothing about religion will mount a high seat and presume to speak on religious principles. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines, deluges in rivers and oceans would wipe out lives on a large scale.

This is known because of the statue which is present in his Asrama. Temples in Karnataka will be harmed by Anti-Hindu women. It is said that everyone will become godless. The aftermath will continue upto and kalagnsnam calamities will be upto Men seeking political office demonstrate their agility in rope dancing. The age of Kali-yuga is said to start from the year BC, after the disappearance of Lord Krishna. Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking biok All stub articles.


Hampi Karnataka may probably be destroyed by Nuclear Attack.

This language-related article is a stub. Surprisingly, it was clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, etc. Harassed by famine and excessive taxes, people will resort to eating leaves, roots, flesh, wild honey, fruits, flowers and seeds.

Invited and your participation through your generosity in the form of Cash and Materials. Swift was a regular visitor to the Rochfort family at Gaulstown House. And in the same year i.

Thus, they will flee the cities to live underground in caves or high up in the mountains, or simply disengage from the earthly plane of existence. They are in the oral tradition. In another incident, idols of Lord Vinayaka cries and tears.

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial web portal. An idol sits on temple Garuda Dhwaja and speaks many languages. Wild animals’ roaming in villages and towns is indicated. On a Visakha Amavasya, strange deceases take many lives may be due to a bio-chemical weapon. Bangladesh kalagnanm Bengal State will be hit by Super Cyclones and floods and crores of people will die.


This verse foretells about British rule on India. Gandhi and his freedom movement and the rule of Mrs. All the seas will be polluted and oceanic species become extinct.