Short Story Summary “Kabuliwala” by Tagore is a tale of heart-rending friendship between a 5-year-old Bengali girl Minnie and an Afghan moneylender, Abdur. In Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore we have the theme of connection, love, escape, trust, friendship, sadness and charity. Taken from his. 1. Kabuliwala. Rabindranath Tagore. Translated by Mohammad A. Quayum. My five-year old.

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Refer to this site for a shorter summary. A life that reader knows Rahman very much enjoyed.

He was a strapping, turban-clad man and fascinated Minnie. Most came to sell Hing or dry fruits, or were moneylender. A young man coming out of one of the kabuliwal flats on the ground floor gestures towards the door next to his own house as the one where the Kabuliwalas live.

The Dastarkhwan is spread over the carpet and big rotis are put in front of each. Rehman and three others, is a quintessential Khan Kothi.

Kabuliwala (short story) – Wikipedia

Kabuliwala listened to the young girl with great intent and relish. Kabuliwalas play cricket at the Kolkata Maidan on a Sunday. It can be a different skin color or a different language. Jun 29, In the story we encounter three examples of filial love-the author and his daughter Mini, the Kabuliwala and his daughter in Afghanistan, the Kabuliwala and Mini. After Raham has been sentenced to jail for seven years. One that will include him getting to know his daughter all over again.


As a result many have moved to other businesses. Rahman hands Mini back the money her father has given her.

The Kabuliwala Summary | Rabindranath Tagore – English Summary

He introduced Minnie to him with the title of Kabuliwala. Cushions and pillows are piled along the walls. She also stopped paying Kabuliwala for his goods. The tiff started due to non-payment of a Rampuri shawl that the Kabuliwala sold to the customer. Timeline List of works. The judge decided to reduce his punishment to years imprisonment after being impressed by his honesty.

Hungry Stones Kabuliwala List of stories. There are over Khan Kothis spread across the city – bachelor pads – where these Pathans live with others of their communities.

Kabuliwala (short story)

The customer denied having ever bought taagore shawl and that caused Rahmat to lose his control. In an old neighbourhood of central Kolkata, where the buildings could do with a fresh coat of paint, residents readily point to a narrow alley leading to an old house when asked about the residence of the Kabuliwalas.

He at all times has been polite and good-natured when it comes to his engagement with Mini and her family. The floors of his flat have wall to wall carpets and very little furniture. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.


125 years of Tagore’s Kabuliwala: Here’s what life is like for the community today

But the Khans look with suspicion at anyone who asks them about tatore antecedent or tries to photograph. Two huge bowls of gosht shorba are kept, into which the Kabuliwalas dip their roti. Mini after a period of time and as other girls would do forgets all about her friendship with Rahman.

But he still speaks fluent Pashto and his Hindi is stilted. Your email address will not be published. They just want to visit, meet family members living there and may be, marry an Kabuliwsla girl. Many continue to live on long-stay permits. Many of them had always engaged in money-lending with an interest.

Often, it is easier to side with our fears and suspect someone who is not like us. Calcutta, the capital of colonial India, was a popular destination. They are also faced with difficult choices like us.

He started calling Minnie as Khuki a child. Dinner at the Khans is a traditional meal.