This course is a study of the history of theater art and practice from its origins to the modern period, including its roles in non-western cultures. Special attention is . 10 years TU Delft OpenCourseWare () and there is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open Praxis’. is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open At TU Delft OpenCourseWare, we are constantly looking for ways to.

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Involved in open education sinceTU Delft strives to offer an increasingly diverse open portfolio in education and research to support and satisfy the curiosity, personal growth and professional career development of millions of people. And the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning see http: Costs associated with OCW course development include software, hardware, hosting costs, and human resources. Opencoursware faculty members in the United States use excerpts from copyrighted materials under the fragile notion of “Fair Use”.

Gaining knowledge of basic physical ergonomics theory and related skills to apply this knowledge. This works because their content is provided only to enrolled students under controlled conditions such as user authentication.

The actual process of managing OpenCourseWare production can be set up many different ways. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. These technologies, and the associated changes in the cost of providing access to education, change distance education’s role from one of classroom alternative to one of social transformer.


Learn more about the global Year of Open. Axial constraint stresses in a doubly symmetrical single cell 6 stringer tube subjected to a transverse shear force. Twist and warping of shear loaded closed tubes. Er wordt opencoursewate op nieuwe materialen, duurzaamheid, openccourseware technologie en de chemische industrie.

Insuring the sustainability of these projects moving forward is of critical importance. Join us in our celebration of 10 years OpenCourseWare and share your ideas about openness.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects, 3.

Student perspectives Student-led initiatives to advance open education and research, impact of open for students, student perceptions of open education, students as open education leaders. This content has the potential to substantially improve the quality of life of learners around the world. The purpose of this project was to build Unix-compatible software and share it freely with anyone. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation generously funds the development of eduCommons, and the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning makes the software available completely free of charge.

Published a new master course: With this method students learn to work more efficiently by starting their design with a quick and dirty global analysis to prove feasibility or direct further detailed modelling in specific problem areas.

General | OpenCourseWare

The Open Education Consortium is a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on opebcourseware, including collaboration, innovation and collective development and use of open educational materials. Open represents freedom, transparency, equity and participation.

Axial constraint stresses in closed tubes. For instance, there will be a research seminar on Monday, a carousel with speakers from TU Delft and other institutions, workshops and a debate on the 12th. Displacements associated with the Bredt-Batho shear flow.


A fascination for science, design and engineering is the common denominator driving our students and scientists. Has the ability to apply the knowledge of sustainable urbanism in general.

Megatron ITB – under construction

And, finally, once additional interest has been sparked, it may be necessary to pull together more resources to support the growing OCW project. There are many institutions and businesses, and even individuals, creating OCW content. Minimizing the time required of faculty to create an OCW opencousreware increases the likelihood that faculty will choose to participate.

One challenge is dealing with intellectual property. Software and Community in the Early 21st Century. Educational opportunity is the mechanism by which we fulfill that capacity.

Communities around the world are bringing open practices to many different fields, such as open source software, open government, open data, and of course open education. These and other projects became core to the Open Educational Resources movement. Nearly all content coming out of OCWs is licensed under Creative Commons licenses, but as is true with traditional copyright, there is no guarantee that the user will comply with or even understand license requirements.