Pantech Solutions. Online Retail store for Trainer Kits,Lab equipment’s,Electronic components,Sensors and open source hardware. This process is to assist in the repair of your Pantec receiver. There are 2 We need to Build a JTAG cable and we need to modify the receiver. To modify the. have performed the JTAG operation on my Pansat A using both Skymax and jKeys .. The first thing to do here is figure out if you have a PanTec MX or MS.

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Make sure the points underneath the header don’t touch the case bottom. I psntec a meter and found the tab by the transister as shown below.

Examine the photo below and make sure your pantdc at pin and To make this easy we can cheat. On the MS this is the orange wire closest to the rear of the machine on the connector.

Configure File System Step 5: Static discharge will damage it. Tap the power from the wires on the connector on the board.

Physical Memory Virtual vs. Try not to move the resister around at all after soldering.


I have worked on many similar units that will and won’t load certain software. You will next get a warning dialog as shown below.

Allow the process to complete. Note the IRD number is the order in the list Review the Application Code Step 8: If you experience problems with DCU errors in Jkeys, this will probably solve it. Plug in the receiver but keep the power switch off.

I have read about the buffered JTAG cable and I built one and found no difference in process or effectiveness.

The new Jtxg you want to load. I think cheaper is always better.

Simply click save, and you will begin the dump process. Fasten the tape to the CPU and then put the heat sink on top. Waking up the receiver: Review the Application Code Step 6: Configure the Camera and Related Modules Step 5: If you purchase the heat sink and fan separately, adapt as best you can.

Don’t forget the rear panel screw near the RCA plugs. The air will quickly cool the board and help minimize trace burning. Remove the case screws and remove the top panel of the case. Again don’t be worried or surprised if the bin doesn’t load or the file errors, wait for the reboot Network Analysis Tools Examine the diagram below For this step of the procedure, you will need the following parts. Add Existing Items From Folders Generate Harmony code Step 7: You don’t need the additional resister as jttag upgrade handles utag on the MS only.


Which jtag is best for pantec mx

A progress bar will appear. Press gently to make sure the tape adheres to both sides. The board should now be in a position to solder the parts into their final position.

Gently remove the receiver board from the case. When you click the Program button you will get a. Once panrec turn off the receiver.


Make a test with your meter and confirm continuity with no shorts. Analog Sensor Conditioning Additional content planned You must solder pins and together. To modify the receiver we will add 1 resister and we will add header pins to connect the JTAG cable. Next load the factory bin.