Jerry Brainum I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The latest Tweets from Jerry Brainum (@JerryBrainum). Editor-in-Chief, Applied Metabolics newsletter. Science writer for over 40 years. Venice, CA. Home Tags Jerry Brainum. Tag: Jerry Brainum. video ยท Originals WATCH: Jerry Brainum Talks About If You Can Out Train A Bad Diet. October 2,

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He has written over 5, articles during the past 35 years.

Jerry Brainum Archives – Page 2 of 8 – Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network

Jerry sees the forest and the trees. No suggestion was given for the women not responding. The cells were exposed to high heat, which results in cell breakdown, but when DAS was added to the muscle cell culture, the breakdown was blocked. In addition, since I’ve been on the scene for 56 years, I can add my personal experiences in this area of nutrition, health, and exercise.

Universe winner Bill Pearl, change around their entire training programs every six weeks. My name is Bob Fritz. With post-tests, the study suggested that while exposure to cold did nothing for aerobic oxygen uptake, anaerobic capacity increased only in male subjects. But many bodybuilders don’t take advantage of the huge variety offered through variations of these three basic exercises.

Haney favors this technique because he says it more strongly works the area where the upper trapezius ties in with the rear delts. He called the system Kaatsu. But now look at it all this way — both cold and heat help you grow bigger muscle faster! These articles have appeared in Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and other magazines. If your strength level doesn’t permit additional poundages, you can increase reps in the exercises.

  ASTM D2979 PDF

His knowledge on the inner workings of the body, along with supplementation, including how to best use these powerful nutrients to build muscle and burn fat, has helped my journey to the winner’s circle to be a frequent one.

Fat cells are not just dormant blobs of storage goo, but are active and fat cells can be inflammatory. The chamber was very cold.

That is, sorting through the never-ending influx of information, and alerting us to the plethora of misinformation that we are constantly exposed to. Food calories are converted into ATP in the cells. Now that we understand why changing around exercises is important for continued gains, brainym look at a few unusual back exercises.


In another part of the study, rats with implanted tumors, who experience cachexia, or the accelerated loss of muscle that occurs in 80 percent of human cancer patients, were given DAS. BAT, unlike the usual bfainum adipose tissue found all over the body, is highly thermionic due to the presence of increased mitochondria and the chemical ‘uncoupling’ of certain proteins there.

Each passing year, his writing became more insightful and supported with solid research. But there is a notable problem with these sources. There’s no need to lock yourself into a dull, humdrum routine lacking both progress and enthusiasm. If your desire is to build muscle or you are nerry serious competitive bodybuilder or athlete or just want to get in the best shape of your life, then get this e-book.


With elbows slightly bent, bring the bar down in and arc to the frontal thighs. He gets it right because he approaches it right.

He has acquired a broad knowledge gained in jsrry four decades of constant study to the extent that he is able to answer even the most complicated questions related to science.

Author of “The Physics of Fitness: I would like to thank Jerry for what he’s done for me and our sport of bodybuilding. Use reps between 12 and The Applied Ergogenics blog is a collection of articles written and published by Jerry Brainum over the past 40 years. Act like your hands are hooks, and let the lats pull the weight.

Supplements That Work

For that, they need a jeerry larger income supplied by having dozens of ads in the magazines. Arnold Schwarzeneggeroldschoolpoststrength training.

So, yes, I endorse his newsletter because it’s from him. I also wrote about and predicted the advent of another amino acid-based supplement that boosts NO, citrulline.

In contrast, the cornerstone of Applied Metabolics Newsletter is to provide information that is not only interesting and highly readable, but also practical.

Place a barbell under the bench, and row, bringing the bar as high as possible a cambered bar works well here.

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