Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire. The Indigo Spell is the third novel in Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. According to Mead, this is the hottest book she has ever written. Mead said there’s no. Book #3 in the bestselling Bloodlines series by international superstar Richelle Mead. Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans.

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And as she searches for the person attacking powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood – or else she might be next. This series has not diasspointed me once and is slowly making its way into my top three favorites. But so looking forward to The Fiery Heart. I got a dragon figurine and named richslle Hopper. Jun 12, Mitch rated it really liked it. Okay I admit I’ve disliked her for most of the serious.

As always, Adrian Ivashkov is the most romantic vampire insigo. At the wedding, Sydney is shocked by spsll strength of Ian’s revulsion to the Moroi, who doesn’t even want to shake hands with any Moroi. I couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t care if view spoiler [Adrian’s hide spoiler ] somehow morphing into this protective guy who will fight for the girl he loves Forgive me for fangirling, Adrian Ivashkov is just irresistible.

And the next day Thank goodness for small miracles. I think the culprit for this is not Adrian specially jead, come on, he is charmingly hot, and even BETTER in this book since he got over the whole Rose debacle and is all manly and protective and loving! He brought his face toward mine.


Richelle Mead’s ‘The Indigo Spell’ excerpt

What I hated did indlgo like Ummm Sydney on the other hand Sydney and Adrian go to the the “hotel” Veronica Jackie’s sister stays but she wasn’t there. Iindigo on my top list of book boyfriends and always will be. The Characters Sydney She finally, finally, finally grows a spine.

Terwiliger then drags her out to the middle of the desert so she can perform a spell, which she can’t do herself because it has to be done by a virgin.

Indigo Spell: Bloodlines Book 3

Since he was portrayed as being a BIG ass deal with all the marketing around the blogsphere and all I thought he was going to irchelle something for Adrian to contend with. Although I still wanted to strangle her sometimes usually when she keeps on resisting Adriantowards the end of the book richeelle just went oh-what-the-heck and followed what her heart feels than that too calculating most of the time brain of hers. She did pull through, so I’m hoping we never have to experience something like that again.

I mean, who says that? I’m not sure he’ll be in the next book, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see him again because his role seems pretty important for where the story seems to be heading.

They went back to the hotel, and Adrian being Adrian distracts Sydney with his love and she pulled away and her cross come off.

Her teacher is worried by Sydney’s findings, as it means her older sister is nearby, and she uses an evil spell to suck the youth and power out of teen girls, which means Sydney may be in danger. And of course we can’t carry on without dedicating a paragraph to the wonderful, gorgeous, crazy, and totally lovable, Adrian Ivashkov! D And boy do I love Hopper! Angeline reminds me Rose sometimes, when she breaks rules and kicks asses. Changing the subject, Sydney ends up telling him about Ms.


That came off creepier than I intended. Adrian shook his head, still smiling. I wrote this while I was high on Sydrian. It’s not really going richflle be much of a review from here on out anyway.

I read this book solely for Adrian, and he sure did not disappoint. She sees a girl who was with the Warriors with Marcus, and learns that she ijdigo a double agent. Before you ask, don’t even blaspheme my review by trying to compare this to Twilight. Told ‘ya it was just gonna be rambling. The Bloodlines series just keeps getting better.

Sydney’s honest personality and her insecurities make her such a relateable person in my eyes. Sydney is struggling to remember and act on her Alchemist teachings due to her ever growing relationship with the forbidden Moroi, Adrian Ivashkov.

The Indigo Spell – Wikipedia

But it did, and here’s what I thought of the ending only read this if you’ve finished the book, because, well, spoilers. I don’t know how she does it, but she has once again brewed together a hot and tasty bestseller!

P to get access to an Alchemist facility and, using magic, collects the information she needs. And of course you all know I’m more than crazy about Adrian Ivashkov.

Richelle Mead is amazing! I told you I won’t bother you if you don’t want me to. Sydney eventually decides to go to Mexico with Marcus to get her tattoo sealed, and finds it hard to say goodbye to everyone, especially Adrian, who leaves her a letter.