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The id attribute is required and provides a name for the statement to reference. However, you can use multiple Data Mapper clients in your application. The difference is that this is a fundamental change to the SQL statement itself, which is much more serious than simply setting a parameter value.

iBatis Tutorial

Example 4 is longer and more complex than Example 3, but considering what you get in return, it seems like a fair trade. Yes, But it is called as complete Hybrid model. Often, there are values that change when suestions move the application from one server to another. Need to model the problem domain outside the database as an object graph. The get methods may be named in the format of isXxxxx. NUnit will reload the configuration automatically.

Depending on the situation, there could be as many as 16 different SQL queries generated from the above dynamic statement. You can work on existing and complex scemas.


The SqlMapper quesions acts like a facade to provide access the rest of the Data Mapper framework. The class name specified must be an implementation of the CacheController interface, or one of the four aliases discussed below. First Prev Next Last. Have you ever lie on your resume?

In addition the cache will be flushed whenever the insertProduct, updateProduct, or deleteProduct mapped statements are executed.

Often reducing the maximum number of concurrent comes in transactions can increase performance. Note Result Map names are always local to the Data Map definition file that they are defined in. The Datasource element can specify a datasource implementation. I’ve been playing around with Persistence frameworks lately, after been inspired by a Hibernatewhich is a de facto standard is used in lot of places.

Again, using a join instead can resolve this. The third option is to convert your XML files as in 2 and your Java code. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers

Add Assembly References 5. If the javaType is not set and the framework cannot otherwise determine the type, the type is assumed to be Object.

Example 10 shows an example of generating the usual array of CRUD statements. If application is already developed in Hiberante and if you want to achieve reporting moduels we can go for ibatis. This method allows you to process result sets row by row but using the result object rather quesyions the usual columns and rows.

The advantage is that performance will be very good for this particular query. When the process completes, each Product instance will have the the appropriate category object instance set.


20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers IBATIS Interview Questions

M relationship, or a 1: We live in an age of information overflow. Hibernate and Ibatis both are the persistance frameworks. Where as iBatis is easy to develop and easy to call procedures and functions, no need to struggle for mapping and other things.

A business process ibatiw significantly improve the visibility and agility of a business logic. In Hibernate Java objects are mapped to the database tables. This is where transactions come into play.

You can call the transaction methods from the SqlMapper instance see Section 5. Reducing the maximum number of concurrent sessions can reduce the overall memory footprint. In this case, you only need to specify the type for the columns that are nullable.

This class has one primary static method named buildSqlMap. Mainting the element order ensures consistent results between different drivers and providers.

Unfortunately, the semantics for the returning partial data sets is not standardized, so PaginatedList is the best we can do within the scope of a framework.