Dein König kommt in niedern Hüllen (EG 14) . Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei ( EG ) . Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein (EG ). Herr. Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei Hochzeit Ich singe dir mit Herz und Mund Nun .. Abend wird es wieder – German lullaby Wiegenlied noten / text notes sheet. herr vor dein antlitz treten zwei noten Copyright. All Rights Reserved. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a.

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LiturgieSusanne Lange. Melody in Walter, Johann Jakob Moser With words he had not learned to make tgeten was by deeds of love or heroic valor that he spoke freely. Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen. Aus der BibelGitta Leuschner.

Es ist das liebe Jesulein. Herr, deine Liebe ist wie Gras und Ufer. Ludwig Andreas Gotter Friedrich Karl Barth Ihr habt mit euch den wahren Gott. George Friedrich Fickert Viel falscher Meister itzt Lieder tichten Sihe dich fuer und lern sie recht richten Wo Gott hin bawet sein Kirch und sein wort Da will der Tenfel sein mit trug und mord.

Ein Licht geht uns auf in der Dunkelheit. Yet is it not our purpose that these precise notes be sung in all the churches. Translation by Catharine Winkworth. Heinrich von Laufenberg Der das hat angefangen, Der wird es wohl vollenden. Ein neues Lied wir heben an. Holy and all-merciful Saviour!

Here I stand—I cannot do otherwise—God be my help, Amen.


The Hymns of Martin Luther – Online Library of Liberty

Sein Herz, Sein Vaterherz. TrierFriedrich Layritz Many and divers deinn had men to offer, of all that they possessed, both in house and in field, which the people, being idle and covetous, did grudgingly or for some temporal advantage; dei the prophet Malachi saith, chap.

Nun lasst uns Gott dem Herren Dank sagen und ihn ehren. By thy dear, health-giving word, In every land resounding. Lass uns nicht entfallen Von des rechten Glaubens Trost.

Wir haben Recht und Macht allein, Was wir setzen das gilt gemein, Wer ist der uns soll meistern?

Wir haben Gottes Spuren festgestellt. Nun preiset alle Gottes Barmherzigkeit. Des Habels Blut vergossen, Es muss den Kain melden. Who is this child, so young and fair? From error, Lord, our souls defend, That they on Christ treen attend; In him with faith unfeigned abiding, In him with all their might confiding. Die Sonne geht auf: Nevertheless, though in imperfect articulation, the same voice, if we listen well, is to be heard also in his writings, in his poems.

Liederbuch: Evangelisches Gesangbuch

And inasmuch as I see that there is no limit to this perpetual amending by every one indiscriminately according to his own liking, so that the earliest of our hymns are more perverted the more they are printed, I am fearful that it will fare with this little book as it has ever fared with good books, that through tampering by incompetent hands it may get to be so overlaid and spoiled that the good will be lost out of it, and nothing be kept in use but the worthless.


Melody of the eighth century. Hans Graf von Lehndorff The world is, alas, not so mindful and diligent to train and teach our poor youth, but that we ought to be forward in promoting the same. Du bist der Weg und die Wahrheit und das Leben. Aus der BibelErnst Arfken Friedrich Konrad Hiller You must have paid membership or be a no cost-registered participant of the Musicalion web page.

Johann Jakob Rambach Had God not come, may Israel say. What is it in yon manger lies? A antoitz concerning the Holy Christian Church—Revelation xii.

Melodies from “Evangelisches Gesangbuch”

Of all the joys that are on earth Is none more dear nor higher worth, Than what in my sweet songs is found And instruments of various sound.

Melody that of the Latin hymn. Wilhelm Erasmus Arends Von Himmel kam der Engel Schaar. My life from death the day shall win, My righteousness shall bear thy sin, So art thou blest forever. The whole credit of the musical editorship belongs to my accomplished associate, Mr.

He, the Comforter, Feeble souls with gifts sustaineth. The two great works of Martin Luther were those by which he gave to the common people a vernacular Bible and vernacular worship, that through the one, God might speak directly to the people; and in the other, the people deun speak directly to God.