Patricia Crone & Michael Cook HAGARISM The Making of the Islamic World HAGARISM THE MAKING OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD PATRICIA CRONE SENIOR . A classic revisionist work on the formation of Islam. Hagarism; The Making Of The Islamic World Crone, Cook. by Patricia Crone. Publication. This is a paperback edition of a controversial study of the origins of Islamic civilisation, first published in By examining non-Muslim sources, the authors.

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Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Retrieved August 22, I think there was a certain assumption that the reader knew already much of the complicated situation in Persia in Islamic times. But the identi- fication of the institution as a successorship to the Prophet constitutes the residue of the mahdic manipulation of the figure of Joshua.

Hagarism : the making of the Islamic world

And because the rabbis were in possession of a large and varied scriptural corpus with a good measure of halakhic content, the opportunities for such demonstration were quite rich. Poseidonius of Apamea 61 W hither Antiquity? It should just be remembered that one need not agree with Cook and Crone in their analysis of the aforementioned primary sources.

It added to me extra knowledge about how non-Muslims portrayed Islam at that early stage and made me aware of the non-muslim sources about Islam. As long as the level of integration remained low this disharmony could be disguised by syncretic manoeuvres; 73 but as the Sasanids brought the local aristocracy into closer contact with the Persian court, the meshes were closed.

Doctrinally the cosmic confrontation of good and evil reappears in the ethnic confrontation of Iran and Aneran; institutionally the relig- ious role of the Magian priesthood is matched by the political role of Aryan kingship.


Patricia Crone and Michael Cook aim in this book to rewrite the early Islamic history by almost totally disregarding these later Islamic sources and by using only contemporary ones produced by the adherents of the monotheist religions present in the Near East, therefore consisting mainly of the material written in Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Armenian and Aramaic.

The obverse of cultural tolerance is cultural pluralism, and if the Egyptians found that their cultural market stagnated in isolation from the Hellenistic capital, the Syrians in return found theirs flooded by rival truths from the nearby cities. The main text of the book is comprised of fourteen chapters that are divided neatly into three main parts: The ensuing rivalry between acquired and ascribed grace accordingly issued in compromise at an early stage: Alma rated it it was amazing Jul 01, We have so far confined our attention to the messianic aspect of the con- quest of Palestine; but as might be expected, the sources provide indica- tions of a wider intimacy in the relations of Arabs and Jews at the time.

To identify ‘AH, not as the first of a line of high priests, but as the sole successor of the Prophet, was to clear the future for the coming of the mahdi. Granted, the conclusions of this book are also totally unacceptable to any Muslim who values their traditions and beliefs.

These are hardly the kinds of traditions that would be created in an atmosphere that required traditions that can neatly justify existing viewpoints over and against other views. The intransigence of Islamic civilization ; Circumcision and sacrifice, because he received them from God.

Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World by Patricia Crone

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Then as now an urban elite and a Hellenised priesthood coexisted with a native tradition: Review quote ‘The authors’ erudition is quite extraordinary, their industry everywhere evident, their prose ebullient.


Do tye prophets come with sword and chariot? And on the other hand, the rather ambiguous relationship of Hellenism to politics provided no sanction for a national polity.

Hagarism : the making of the Islamic world (Book, ) []

Thirdly, the messianic potential of this material is obvious: This rationale consists in a dual invocation of the Abrahamic descent of the Arabs as Ishmaelites: I wish I knew more about early Islam, Byzantium rule over the middle east, and Samaritanism so as kslamic evaluate Patrica Crone’s arguments more critically, but I what I understood of the arguments made here resonated with me.

Thus the history of Karkha de-Bet 57 Whither Antiquity?

Without catharsis, the past was blighted. Against the outside world, the Aryans were as much a chosen people as the Jews.

This is surely the context which gave Islam the curious term banifi so r 3 Whence Islam? John Wansbroughwho had mentored the authors, reviewed the book, specifically the first part, in the Bulletin of the School of Hagairsm and African Studies.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. On the one hand, Mu’tazilite law is all root and no branch: In the first place, the account we have given of the origins of Islam is not one which any believing Muslim can accept: University of California Press.