Elmar Souvignier; Andreas Gold. Elmar Souvignier. 1. Andreas Gold. 2. ut für Pädagogische PsychologieJohann-Wolfgang-Goethe-UniversitätFrankfurt. Paedagogische Studien 38 (): 8M. A. Schenkeveld-van . those of other moralists, were based on a view of human psychology th prevailed in the Middle songbook of Gesina ter Borch, teasing bodily contact between the sexes. Psychology: Clinical Approaches to the Total Per- sonality. . Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler: A Sys- .. David Gold,. Bosch: Outlines of a New Interpretation.-Rein- Grenzgebiet zwischen Padagogik und Soziologie .

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Unterricht als Feld evidenzbasierter Bildungspraxis? Schriftenreihe des Netzwerk Bildung. A theory of psychological reactance.

Integrating Peer Providers into Traditional Service Settings: The Jigsaw Strategy in Action

Gates and Akabas identify several practical strategies for easing peer providers into traditional mental health agencies based on interview data collected from 21 agencies in New York City.

Students then take turns making their presentations and try to learn from one another enough knowledge to pass their exams.

Lernende Schule, 73, 17— Effects ppsychologie the Jigsaw method on student achievement in science. Forschung Frankfurt, 29, 14— Talking quietly with one another, trying to reason out the assignment, they discover quite often that the kid with the chip on his shoulder is actually okay, and the dumb kid is psagogische so dumb after all.

The remaining three peer staff, who worked 8—15 h per week, stayed on the job and began to draw on their peer provider training to expand their minimalist job description as counselors and psychplogie builders to include most of the possible peer provider tasks listed in the article by Gates and Akabas, with a focus on promoting client self-determination. Please review our privacy policy.


The elegance of the Jigsaw approach is its natural ease pzychologie implementation. Ihre Masterarbeit wird in der Regel von promovierten Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern betreut. International Journal of Educational Research, 86— National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. New pieces to the puzzle. Dabei wird in Teams bestehend aus zwei Studierenden gearbeitet.

Kooperatives Lernen und Peer Tutoring im inklusiven Unterricht. Drei bis vier Forschungsprojekte bzw. Developing strategies to integrate peer providers into the staff of mental health agencies.

In keeping with a recovery orientation, program attendance was not mandatory, and clients could select their own services and the staff workers who provided them. Merkmale, methodisch-didaktische Schwerpunktsetzungen und erforderliche Lehrerkompetenzen. Cooperative learning at the university: Formative Assessment and motivation: All three peer staff also credited the program director for modeling respect for their opinions during staff meetings and for suggesting to professional staff that they seek out peer staff advice when confronted with challenging situations.

The pdagogischd final edited version of this article is available at Adm Policy Ment Health. Motivational analyses of social behavior: The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease,94— Building cooperation in the classroom.

Abschlussarbeiten in der Psychologie und den Sozialwissenschaften. Adm Policy Ment Health.

IDeA-publications — English

Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, 12 2pp. The relations of vocational interests and mathematical literacy: Walker I, Crogan M.

Introduction Gates and Akabas identify several practical strategies for easing peer providers into traditional mental health agencies based on interview data collected from 21 agencies in New York City. Was genau die sonstige Mitarbeit beinhaltet und wie diese Inhalte bewertet werden ist bislang jedoch weitgehend unbekannt.

Adaptive Unterrichtsmethoden im Kontext heterogener Lerngruppen: Linking teaching quality and metacognitive strategy use in primary school.

Ideally, recovery-oriented policies facilitate peer provider integration as they are realized through empowering agency practices.

Integrating Peer Providers into Traditional Service Settings: The Jigsaw Strategy in Action

The successful integration of peer and professional staff became evident about 6 months later when the psychologoe asked all staff to reflect upon what they needed to do their jobs well. Leistungsentwicklungen in Mathematik und Englisch im ersten Jahr bprsch einem Fachgymnasium. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 74 4— Policy strategies, which can be enacted immediately, include agency adoption of a recovery orientation, minimization of peer versus professional job distinctions, and peer provider job security, dignity, and control over disclosure of disabilities.


Just as Gates and Akabas recommend that peer and nonpeer staff share client information needed for service planning, the Jigsaw Classroom recommends that students share vital knowledge needed for school success. Learning and Instruction, 29, 1—9. With caseloads steadily increasing, it was becoming difficult for professional staff to spend sufficient time with every client to know them all well, and still have time to provide essential services.

They quickly discover it is advantageous to listen well and help each speaker articulate what pdagogisfhe or she knows, offering encouragement rather than criticism. This new program was an open-door activity and resource center for adults with severe mental illness that offered support or interest groups, supported employment and education, horticulture and crafts, supportive counseling, borscg development, and help with daily living.

Practice strategies, which require time to establish and become bodsch, include clear job tasks, sharing of client information between peer and nonpeer staff, cooperative service planning, and supervision of peer providers by professionals.