12 – Plug. Disk Plug. T. Plug, Seat Material. Actuator Size. A A2. A3. A4. A A6. B B2. Seal Tank. G1. G2. G3. DK. /OO. T. – Self-Acting Pressure and Temperatur Controllers by GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation. Pressure-reducing valve for use with steam and other fluids. Figure no. Description. GESTRA pressure reducing valve without auxiliary energy. Low pressure adjustable within the setting range while operating.

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GESTRA valves

By using our services, you agree that we may use cookies. Safety temperature limiter, safety pressure limiter, temperature sensor, thermostat, thermometer, manometer and safety valve.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. However, to obtain proper and uncorrupted analysis values, you require accurate sampling methods and also testing instruments that 580 correctly. If installed upstream of steam traps the Vaposcope can be used gesyra checking the traps for steam loss or for banking-up of condensate. Temperature control in heating and cooling processes in industrial plants, for h.

We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability. Condensate tanks are used to collect the condensate from steam processors or flash vessels. Features of the ZK series: For the smooth operation of steam boilers, it is especially important to analyse samples of the boiler water. Features of the UNA series: Steam converters produce saturated steam for a secondary gesstra of steam from steam or hot water.


Reliable shut-off in high-pressure steam systems makes very high demands on design and material. GESTRA injection coolers are used wherever there is a need for desuperheating without having to reach the saturation temperature. Very low pressure loss, very stable operating behaviour, with dashpot, plastic coating, soft seals optional. In closed loops emergency power generators, etc.

Mixing coolers are blowdown receivers that cool hot waste water that can no longer be used for heat recovery and therefore is discharged into pits, drains or sewage systems. Flanged PN16 Body Material: Level controlling In condensate and feed yestra tanks, etc.

Refinery plant – Conburi Gestra: There is a choice of two versions: A trap that is 580 live steam is the worst offender, but traps that are plugged or stuck closed can also be costly. Production downtimes must be avoided! The decreased plant efficiency due to loss of energy and additional make-up water results in lost production. Features of the BB series: Higher pressures and pressure sets are available on request.

Mechanical regulators – Gestra

ZK Radial Multi-stage control valve for high pressure Pressure: Steam traps can be tested during getsra by using sightglasses, ultrasonic detectors or level meters. Contamination by acids, etc Ingress of oil in gestda water General Measurement methods Measurement: Ex-plosion proof version is available.

Screwed sockets, union butt-weld nipples Body Material: The condensate manifold is mainly used in steam tracing systems and for the connection of widely branched low-pressure condensate lines for low and medium flowrates. Steam traps remote monitoring. Steam regenerators are used to produce saturated steam for a secondary system from steam or pressurized hot water. Brass Download Technical Sheets.


Special Equipment and Vessels for Heat Recovery. Steam regenerators are therefore especially suited for sterilizing equipment in hospitals, steaming and drying chambers in the foodstuff industry, and for the production of distillates. Conductivity control – Monitoring conductive liquids for contamination by foreign matter that increases the conductivity concentration; conductivity monitoring signaling and display.

Features of the BK series: Features of the RK series: In the flash vessel the flash steam is separated from the water, and then fed into a low-pressure steam system. The condensate is discharged without noise.

Piston valve / pressure-control / temperature control / for gas – , – GESTRA AG

Gestra Level meters for constant steam trap supervision Use conductivity to monitor steam trap performance. Gestra products and services provide a full line of steam solutions for all commercial and industrial applications where steam is generated, distributed, or used.

Condensate Collector and Steam Manifold. The pump 580 UNA PK is a modern valve which combines the function of a float trap with an additional pump mechanism. Tripping of alarms, control valves etc.

From the tank the condensate is pumped into the deaerator by level-controlled pumps.