FORM 50A. Way bill for transport of consignment of goods despatched from Outside West Bengal to any place inside West Bengal. [See rule. (Form 50A) has to be generated and document to be printed 9. 40 days of entering the state of West Bengal on clicking the link ‘Waybill Utilisation’ after login. Friends need Help Me Am trying to get West Bengal Form50A online thru http:// but each time its rejected.

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Assuming eBay, Flipkart etc. I have 3 clear questions: If yes, can we pay it online?

Commissioner that if you harass unregistered consumers like this, then it defeats the purpose of e-service and this is unacceptable in West Bengal RC Skills: Luckily my father had some contact person there, who helped us break fodm bureaucratic ice a lot. Do the personal goods Category B attract any Entry Tax? An early reply will be highly appreciated on my direct mail i. Dont know what to do.

New to this forum or RC hobby? We went back home after thanking our ‘connection’ official. The courier was Trackon, their support was a nightmare. If your goods get seized by chance, you have to pay heavy penalty to release it.

But these are nothing but pure speculation. I tried searching on internet for no luck, then a friend of mine asked me to go online into their site.


I have several queries on the requirement of waybill in West Bengal. I purchased a 10″ Boston Mattress from Noida online through ebay. Although I could not get from the definition at Page 16 if I can call myself a casual dealer. Commissioner how I had applied online, first he rebuked me for applying during Puja holidays. I really thought this info should be out in public domain. That’s a matter of concern. If you are still awake after reading all these, you can look for keyword ‘penalty’ and see how much power is given to the commissioners!

He also needed address proof, pan card and voter ID card of the consignee.

Form 50A WayBill West Bengal

October 31, Shipping through railway is much better, ask Gati that you require shipment to go through Rail, and not road. Check Your mail for my reply. Find the details below of my experience below which will surely help you out. Commissioner at Room no.

Since some changes have probably been made and most dealers do not insist upon that. How is the end user supposed to know all these things unless the couriers inform us? Is there a value limit of goods above which waybill is required? September 12, Since it was for 05a personal use I did exactly like what you are doing going for Category B but 3 days it was flrm.

Is there any time limit after which the application is approved and I can get that SMS key?

Dematerialised Waybill

beengal Hi, I am an electronics hobbyist, although not into RC and not an engineer, have worked on few PIC microcontroller projects. Looking to hire any one in West Bengal who can get it generated for me and charge a few bucks for their service. How do we obtain this form? We are an ecommerce website. I’m not sure whether the latest amendment has come into force probably not. My other hobbies include railroad audio recording and photography. Since the acts and rules are large documents, look for 6 keywords: I was really upset, if I knew this before, I would have never made this purchase as of the tax I paid ofrm around Rs.

  AT89C2051 24PU PDF

Instruction for generation of Waybill

Do the personal wet Category B attract any Entry Tax? I too have question related to Form 50A generation. How to get it? That was my horrible experience and will never buy anything online if I have to obtain the form 50A. I have purchased quadcopters and components from LHSs directly.

Can end users generate waybills through the online link at http: June 28, Maybe I’d have to look into the rules. The document is now confusing as pan-India ewaybill which was supposed to come this month has been deferred. Again, no SMS was sent. Will ask some one to visit there tomorrow.