EXOSKELETON – A Novel Psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction all in one Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. View Desktop Version . SynopsiS (Exoskeleton). ​ called the Exoskeleton, of which he becomes the tortured, organic innards. Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The latest Tweets from Shane Stadler (@Exo). Novelist, physicist, professor, and physics textbook author check out my sci-fi/horror novel EXOSKELETON.

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Meet author Joseph Sale. Author Joshua Winning shares his favourite horror books with us. If you’re looking for something different in the horror genre, Exoskeeton definitely recommend this title.

Audiobook submitted for review by the stsdler. Who do you consider exoskeketon King and Queen of horror fiction? I have a bit of claustrophobia and can’t stand anything on my face, so the concept of having this exoskeleton covering your entire body and controlling your every move gave me the willies!

The narrator was good but not great. View all 3 comments. There were very few errors in the kindle version I read. Ended a bit too quickly, maybe. The story is fast paced and a quick read the author keeps you engaged with his fast plot at all times. I read a lot of his work since.


A story of good vs. Exo did pretty well, so we signed another contract for Exo II: Exoskeleton has become one of my all time favourite books and is one that I could read again and again.

Nov 24, Heather rated it it was amazing. For most, it takes years to accomplish this! The sense of tension in the action parts is lost in his melodic voice.

This debut novel is a good example of how a story with a complete background may be laid and fully understood. It’s a great read! Our tale is multilayered with underlining themes of betrayal, conspiracy theories and government cover ups with a dash of Nazi war history.


But would the authorities resort to such extreme measures merely to extract a confession? When the story does begin to unfold at about the midway point it really does have the potential to kick on but sadly staeler really gains the necessary momentum.

Wow – this is the first novel in a long time which I have felt compelled to read atadler one sitting. Very intricate conspiracy is woven into this book and it is well crafted. Eden Book Society – His Orchard.

There is a lot of rejection in this business, but persistence is a virtue. The kinds of torture he is subjected to whilst confined inside a metal torture suit is horrifying to say the least- and the people who are doing the experiments on Will are totally insane, as they really pushed the limits of what the human body can take; to the point where he was blacking-out all the time.

This was an excellent book to read right around Halloween – definitely had the creep factor going although not in the traditional ghouls sense, but just the horror of the situation. Okay, so I was very intrigued by the storyline for this book and was very hopeful it would be an exciting story due to the reviews but well I was a little disappointed those who had inflicted such pain and suffering unto the innocent did not get to see a healthy portion of karma served their way.

Meet Hunter Shea huntershea1 HorrorLounge.

Meet author Shane Stadler @Exo #HorrorLounge — Lounge Books

Oct 14, Tracie McBride rated it really liked it. In the last chapters the plot very obviously set itself up for a sequel, as if the author was already planning to milk a few more bucks out of the concept before wrapping up the first book.

I especially liked how the author built and portrayed the characters responsible for experimenting on Dr. Once he made his point, Stadler shortened the graphic scenes and spent more time on other aspects of the story.


Sadler hones in on a seemingly irrational yet very real fear of being wrongfully accused and ultimately punished in an often cold, cruel and heartless society. The narrator is Patrick Conn. This is a brilliant spine tingling horror, fantasy book. The archetypal mad scientist making a secret This book had potential to be good horror with a unique way to terrify readers, and that’s what makes it frustrating.

As many reviewers have already commented, the torture scenes in the story are very well described and this makes this novel a difficult read at times.

What Will has to face is fuelled with dread after realizing the project is essentially a exoskelton torture devise that is designed to make the prisoner exoskelehon to their crimes all the while sustaining relentless levels of anguish. I can really see this being an epic film that horror fans would love!

Lists with This Book. Scenes where it describes bending the limbs to the point of breaking the bones made my muscles ache.

This book was really interesting and a little disturbing. An innocent man trapped in eoskeleton torture suit for a year can tap into some primal nightmare territory.

Win a stack of Stephen King books. My first two novels have elements of horror, but also SF and supernatural. The torture scene Exoskeleton utilizes several science fiction and horror tropes: It gets five stars as much as anything exowkeleton being an amazing first novel. As his only hope for redemption, he opts for the latter, and finds himself in a horrific situation that transforms him into something the world has never seen. Yes, I believe in evil.