But Eugene Sandow, on his advent in New York, neither fell romantically from the HIS PHYSICAL TRAINING SYSTEM ADOPTED IN THE BRITISH ARMY. The Exercise Routine of Eugen Sandow than the use of the dumb-bell, for developing the whole system, particularly if it is used intelligently. System of Physical Training was Eugene Sandow’s first book. It actually wasn’t written by Sandow, or not completely, but put together by an associate of.

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Arriving at Rome, what the youthful scholar had imbibed of the classics led him to take keen interest in the art treasures of the Eternal City, particularly in the statuary, representing the gods and heroes of antiquity.

Book Review: System of Physical Training by Eugene Sandow –

As matters turned out, Sandow, though he undoubtedly won Samson’s challenge, was trzining paid over the wager nor phsyical it been paid to this daywhile the latter carried his wrangling from the stage to the Press, and, for a time, made what capital he could by posing in public as a martyr. If you covered the three areas of acrobatics, wrestling and weight lifting, and could perform well in each I think you would easily be called a Physical Culture Renaissance Man.

The ring, which he then placed on his sub 1 ject’s finger, is of beautiful French enamel.

Ere long, however, they had a new disappointment, for Eugene, at the medical school, confined himself almost entirely to the ana- tomical course. Had he wanted merely to make money, he would no doubt have 18 taken to the pugilist’s golden career ; but this, we know, was always abhorrent to him.

It might have been courtly etiquette to leave the Emperor to the enjoyment of the pride he felt in the work of his hands ; but 39 some one informed His Majesty that Sandow could beat him at his own trick, and it was with pleased surprise, and with no admixture of envy, that he witnessed two packs torn apart by the renowned athlete.

In the morning, when the city was astir, every passer along the streets carried the news to the police- stations, and soon bulletins were issued by the news- papers, saying that the city had been visited over night by a gang of ruffian marauders, who had, by their combined strength so the account ran dismantled and wrecked every weight-lifting machine.

Something more will be wanted, however, than his suggested feat of snap- ping a chain. This, it may be said in passing, was not the 25 profession his parents had designed for him.


15 Fitness Tips From 1800s Bodybuilder Eugen Sandow That Are Still Good Today

Up to his fifteenth year, indeed, young Eugene was of slight build and rather delicate consti- tution. Sandow would have had no patience for people who try to conserve energy by crawling into a bed while the ambient temperature is below 50 degrees. Like the high-minded and generous man he is, however, he cares little for the pecuniary rewards of his work.

Samson again offered to Herr Sandow if on Satur- day night next, on the same stage and place, he would perform all the feats attempted by Cyclops, and again the challenge was ac- cepted.

Sstem porter, realizing the apparent strength of the nightly depredator, kept at a respectful distance from the strongman, but having the reward of the authorities before his eyes was not physica 30 to lose the chance of bagging his game. For a time it puysical the chief topic in the German and Italian Press, and the theme of comment in all the Mediterranean cities and towns. In a few fortunate instances, the youth may know something of the processes of waste and renovation in the body ; but how those processes work to the best advantage and show their most beneficent results under the systematic exercise of the muscular system, is, admittedly, given to but few of us fully to appreciate or wisely to understand.

Table showing results of muscular development of a pupil of Mr. He who is most likely to stop a runaway horse in a crowded thorough- fare is the man who has both the muscle and the pluck to risk life in the effort. Every citizen, and of course every habited guardian of the city’s nocturnal peace, had each his own theory of how the town came to be so invaded and the machines gutted.

Physical education, as we have already hinted, is too often 7 and incompletely directed to the accomplishment of one or two feats notably those wrought by the exterior muscles by the use of the apparatus ordinarily in vogue in our gymnasia without reference to the vast net-work of interior muscles, which have so much to do with bearing the strain of arduous gymnastic exercise, and have their important, set functions in the vital seat of the system. Thus adjured, the crowd were silent until Samson insisted that his challenge was for Sandow, as it is that of the writer, that no exaggeration shall be indulged in and no colour given to the narrative beyond that which the facts them- selves warrant.


There seemed to be a hitch here. That the chains selected shall be made to fit the arm of each com- 62 petitor, shall be bought, packed, and sealed by the jury, the seals to be broken on the stage in front of the audience. Luck and his skill threw prize-money 26 in his way, and now and then he earned a little by hiring him- f out to sculptors and artists as a model.

One of them was Eugen Sandowa German-born bodybuilder who appeared to be carved from marble. It may matter little now ; but the unbiased reader will be apt to say, as very probably was said at the time, that if the comparative strength of the two contestants was worth determining, it should have been determined con- clusively and on a proper basis. Neither of the men is of more than medium height, but their arms were a rare spectacle, by reason of masses of muscle brought by practice to the hardness of metal.

Samson seems to have earned it fairly and squarely, and he now probably appreciates the theory recently discovered by a distinguished prelate that bet- ting is not a sheer loss of money to the man who wins.

Train like a Sandow!

The next commotion was caused by a number of gentlemen 56 reaching the stage by flying leaps from a side-box, sweating and touzled after fighting their way through a frenzied mob in the crowded hall outside. To the professor he made his sual request for employment and was met with the now familiar answer, that ” just then he had no need of a model.

Sandow was obviously unacquainted with the knack, and it AV;IS only after prompting from the audience as to the twisting, and sev- eral fruitless efforts, that he succeeded.

The whole sandoa wondered at the deed, and for days it was the subject of universal talk. Sandow has become what is termed a professional athlete.

England’s battles have been won, sandiw is a familiar saying, by the muscle-training which her youth acquire on the playgrounds of her great Public Schools. We do not say, of course, that the intrepid mind waits to reason before throwing itself into the breach in the moment of jeopardy or peril.