NOTA CLÍNICA. Encefalopatía de Wernicke tras duodenopancreatectomía cefálica. Wernicke’s encephalopathy after cephalic pancreaticoduodenectomy. duodenopancreatectomía cefálica o cirugía de Whipple. El cáncer de páncreas es el más frecuente de estos tumores. Es un tumor de comportamiento muy. La cirugía con la técnica de Whipple, o duodenopancreatectomía, es la cirugía que se realiza con mayor frecuencia para el cáncer de páncreas. En un.

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The jejunal loop is placed with the fornix on the left, and in a slight clockwise rotation so that its antimesenteric edge is in contact duodenopancreatecgomia the pancreatic sectional area.

Encefalopatía de Wernicke tras duodenopancreatectomía cefálica

Also, none of the papers considered stratification of the patients by MPD cefaloca, which also seems to correlate strongly with pancreatic texture[ 53 ]. More recently, a prospective, but not randomized, study showed that the method described by Peng is safe but is duodfnopancreatectomia associated with a lower frequency of PF, morbidity or mortality in comparison with the duct-to-mucosa anastomosis[ 16 ].

Myths and misconceptions of Wernicke’s encephalopathy: No statistical significance was observed. Low mortality following resection for pancreatic and periampullary tumours in patients: Right hepatic artery injury associated with laparoscopic bile duct injury: By contrast, a more aggressive surgery that tries to keep this variant may increase the operating time, greater blood loss postoperative morbidity.

Through a wide Kocher maneuver we expose the SMA origin and confirm the absence of tumor infiltration. Advantages of pancreatogastrostomy over pancreatojejunostomy The technique of PG has several potential advantages over PJ.


The duodenopancreatetomia is started at the upper edge of the sectional area, ending in the lower part. The presence of a HA arising from SMA does not seem to influence in surgery duration or intraoperative transfusions.

The complexity of having it does not seem to duodenooancreatectomia in tumor resection margins, complications and survival. Operating time was defined as time minutes quantified, between the beginning of the skin incision until the end of closing.

J Gastrointest Surg ; This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. J Nippon Med Sch. A prospective randomized trial of pancreaticogastrostomy versus pancreaticojejunostomy after pancreaticoduodenectomy.

The disadvantages of PG include an increased incidence of delayed gastric emptying and of main pancreatic duct obstruction due to overgrowth by the gastric mucosa. To compare both techniques of reconstruction, five randomized trials[ 395254 – 56 ] and several meta-analysis and systematic reviews[ 16225357 – 64 ] have been published in the recent years.

Prophylactic use of somatostatin and octreotide in pancreatic surgery remains controversial and several meta-analyses came to contradictory conclusions. Then the catheter migrates spontaneously in a few days or weeks to the jejunum and is evacuated by natural means. However, in the context of a PD are not so clear.

In the context of PD, the iatrogenic injury of a RHA may pose a risk that leads to a biliary fistula secondary to duodenopancreatecto,ia ischemic hepato-jejunal anastomoses ischemia, despite the existence of a hiliar vascularization.

Management of the pancreatic stump during the Whipple operation.

Reconstruction after pancreatoduodenectomy: Pancreatojejunostomy vs pancreatogastrostomy

Temporary fibrin glue occlusion of the main pancreatic duct in the prevention of intra-abdominal complications after pancreatic resection: Preoperative and demographic data of groups A and B are shown in table II. Reconstruction by Pancreaticogastrostomy versus Pancreaticojejunostomy following Pancreaticoduodenectomy: Chin Med J Engl ; However, a prospective randomized trial is needed to let us know if we can use the technique more generally[ 64 ].


These factors can easily cause digestive damage to the anastomosis and the major vessels in the presence of abundant proteolytic enzymes escaping from the fistula[ 35 ]. Oxford Tetxbook of Medicine.

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We distinguish between lost drainage and externalized drainage or internal-external drainage: There are several ways but the best known is described by Child in [ 3 ], consisting of successive drainage of the pancreas, bile duct and stomach in the first jejunal loop and still prevails today. PF, delayed gastric emptying and mortality were not duodenopancrratectomia.

In conclusion, up to now none of the techniques can be considered superior or be recommended as standard for reconstruction after PD. Harrison Principios de Medicina Interna. In PG, the pancreatic exocrine secretions enter the potentially acidic gastric environment, precluding digestive damage of the pancreatoenteric anastomosis by activated proteolytic enzymes.

The prosthetic material has the disadvantage of being inserted into a field that is not completely sterile after performing the corresponding anastomoses of the PD.