Results 1 – 11 of 11 TOME 1. by DR S. CHIAPPALONE JOSEPH and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an. Dr Joseph Chiappalone in Stanthorpe, QLD, Business contact details for Dr Joseph Chiappalone including phone number, reviews & map location.

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Thankfully he is now unable to stick any kind of thermometer near any orifice whatsoever. Funny, you both never offer any of your own,but only say it is BS. Chiappalone and his ilk other sociopaths have been known to threaten and otherwise harm people who shine a light on them.

Although, you will most likely reply back: You two dumb asses cannot see the pagan influences of your religion right in front of your face. I guess when you start this post out with: Born on December 25th Three kings followed to locate and adorn the new-born savior Let me be very clear, Im not looking for what people SAY it says in the ancient literature.

And secular scholars as well. Christian BS in action. Platitude;a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful. Sociopaths often have delusions of grandeur and think they are the greatest people in the world.

Joseph Chiappalone: UFOs and the End of the Ages | OffPlanet Radio

Thats what i do, i josepn for him, and since i know how to do it chiappallne he dont, but gave approval, i will continue, no matter what he thinks. I am not sure if you would be able to decipher whether I am or not. The contention that December 25th was an especially popular festival for Sol in late antiquityis equally unfounded. At least I use the bible on not christian dogma.


Basically you are saying one ms news outlet is more credible than the other.

This statement alone was the clincher: How dare you talk about me making money after the massive work i have put into the website, you have no idea what it takes, to make a website of this magnitude. They all had pagan roots including including Christianity.

Jeff Rense & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone – Terminal Madness Of The End Times – video dailymotion

You have used Bible quotes where it suits you, which from what I can tell is to tar all Christians with the same brush, and you were given an example of your ignorance by someone who understands it, who put it into context for you. Know Thyself, and thats all there is to chiappa,one.

I will have written the material, you will have distributed it. Erectile dysfunction impotence occurs when a man can joseoh longer get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The problem with this source is that these games took place in August, October, and December; it was December 11th, though, not the fr when these games took place. He has sent quite a few of his footsoldiers over here. Of course, I am a nerd with Logos Bible Software and a searchable database of ancient documents including Tertullian.

This is the Key issue here, but dont go know others, this is impossible, you cant know thyself, a mans hearth is a bottomless pit, if you are lucky, you will see through some of josepg, but when you Judge, you claim to see someone elses depths, which is impossible, so all sums up to: This trolling of you Bill is no use for anything, except dragging suspicion around Josephs work.


I guess that is OK in your mind then.

Not based on what I think Like Like. As you well know.

Jeff Rense & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone – Terminal Madness Of The End Times

These are all dates that are unrelated to any important celestial alignment of Sol, such as the solstices and equinoxes. No, later Christian interpretation.

I await your rebuttal. Funny chlappalone mention I have made up my mind about Dr C. Maybe That and Viagra? Play in new window Download Duration: I am under NO obligation to explain, yet, I want to do so, for the ignorant people to grasp this. This statement is just laughable. From grandiose claims of being chosen by aliens to save a specific group of people, to programming and handling others to do his bidding.

Also listen to the slander Mercy Now says based on zero proof. Maybe you should read your Bible more often. Maybe Dr C will come on here himself if you have the balls to let him defend himself from your slander. I see his bedside manner is impeccable.

You attack people in the alternative media as liars and charlatans with zero basis of fact beyond your opinion and the bible.