Decipher, Inc., was later licensed to create role playing game and CCG products based on The Lord of the Rings. They issued their first RPG components in their. Decipher has done a great job on The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and in general perfectly suited for. Decipher’s take on Lord of the Rings using the CODA system. Note: This game is different than the similarly named games Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.

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The Lord of the Rings Roleplayers have a magical year in store! There was also a Limited Edition of the Core Book available. You will also find most official errata information plus some other related official and fan-based Decipher RPG resources at The Steward and the King website. From our point of view, this resulted in a lack of play-balance.

Although Thomas’ map is not particularly close to the sketch by J.

Note to anyone who decides to run this system: This site uses cookies. That’s why in are game used the same mechanics and magic, just called it something else. Cities and Strongholds Box Set. Elves being powerfulbut I do not like changing the setting to make it more gamelike. From a Iron Crown Enterprises catalog: Join the Company of the Ring at the beginning of the greatest quest of all, and follow the paths of its members as they journey ever farther into shadow and peril.

LotR RPG (Decipher Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game)

Originally Posted by Balain. Note that the names of the various Dwarf-tribes e. Also included is a 2-page detailed summary of the character generation process. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Based on the richest environment in fantasy literature, this classic but ever-changing line is fifteen years old and now available in twelve different languages.


The Lord of the Rings RPG by Decipher A case could be made for the 5 Wizards dpg many elves at least Noldor and Sindar, especially old elves not being player characters, especially if the rule set one chooses emphasizes balance.

Best Lord of the Rings RPG? | RPG | RPGGeek

It automatically calculates most of the statistics you’ll ever need to have at hand, including attribute modifiers, reactions, skill affinity bonuses, and total skill bonuses.

Fell Beasts and Wondrous Magic Sourcebook. The boxed set includes the six riings maps and a page guide to the lands of Middle-earth, including keys to each of the maps. Fan of the Lord of the Rings property will find many familiar images from the ddecipher as well as extensive analysis of J. Roleplaying Adventure Game Box Set.

The official Decipher website was http: The Hunt for Gollum Born of Hope In the Heren Turambarion’s Compendiumyou’ll find a large collection of optional rule ringss which provide possible solutions for these problems or offer entirely new possibilities.

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There was a PDF download of this same booklet available from the Decipher website. He was uber-powered compared to the rest of the fellowship but Rpv included limitations. ICE has seen to it that role players have been able to game in the world of J. I remember it working well.

Live out the greatest fantasy adventure of all time! Gandalf tells Frodo there are many magic rings that make you invisible, so he wasn’t sure prg it was the one ring.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Depart, and not one of you will be spared … You do not know your peril. Designed to help gaming novices and Lord of the Rings fans become familiar with the world of RPGs, the three-part adventure leads the heroes across the plains of Rohan, into the city te Edoras, and finally to the epic siege of the Hornburg. Decipner the Mines of Moria begins at the western doors leading into Moria, taking players through several encounters with servants of the Shadow, and culminates with a climactic battle against the dreaded Balrog.

The time now is Originally Posted by Revlid. Paths of the Wise: I don’t recall being able to play wizards. Also, I remember lprd transformation spell being way overpowered.

Now you and your friends can enter Middle-earth and deciphed on the roles of any character or hero you can imagine, from a reluctant Hobbit like Frodo to a powerful wizard like Gandalf. All times are GMT Gabilgathol, home of Linnar’s folk, the Broadbeams 3 – Moria Kh.

Decipher’s Lord of the Rings RPG – The Heren Turambarion

The catalogue descriptions and list prices below were checked against printouts from approximately late Augustso the site was still working with LOTR RPG lrod at that time. The Decipher description appears first in each section, and any additional information gleaned from other sources appears in after that.

Tumunzahar, home of Uri’s folk, the Firebeards and Belegost Kh.