In the nightmare future of Warhammer 40,, the galaxy-spanning Imperium is riven with dangers. In the Chaos-infested Sabbat system, Imperial Commissar. The Gaunt’s Ghosts (Novel Series) is a Black Library series written or edited by Dan Abnett following the adventures of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard. Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Founding [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This omnibus edition of the first three Gaunt’s Ghosts novels.

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The term Ghosts has two meanings: Military science fiction novels Warhammer 40, novels Novels by Dan Abnett. They got to invent and introduce a multitude of ideas that are now either canon or still being used today by the current writers. Dec 06, Matimate rated it liked it Shelves: Barely half of the Tanith First survived the regiment’s occupation of Hinzerhaus on the fortress-world Jago, and the battles waged there.

He was promptly attacked and presumably killed by the husband of a woman serving in the Orestes PDF.

Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Anarch | Book by Dan Abnett | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

That’s why I fight to protect it. The Ghosts become restless and bored of the lack of action, leading many to commit crime and insubordination.

EngvarB gaknt September Use dmy dates from September This is hugely detrimental to the book. Not to be crass, view spoiler [but I couldn’t understand why Gaunt would go into raptures about eating fruit and show absolutely ZERO interest in eating pussy or even being around ghpsts in any context. The fresh fruit disintegrated in his hungry mouth and flooded his throat with rich, sugary fluid. He lives and works in Maidstone, Kent.

The star was big, heavy and red, like a rotten, roasted fruit. So some of the characters only manage to be quick, rough sketches.


Ibram Gaunt leapt down into the trench and broke the neck of the first Shriven he met with his descending boots. It reminded me a lot of the book Armour, as it is basically just pages of horrifying war against horrifying creatures.

As the Ghosts withdraw, General Noches Sturm of the Royal Volpone and his adjutant, Major Gilbear, both of whom were disdainful of Gaunt and his “low-born” soldiers, order the Ketzok to bombard the Tanith as they fall back to their base.

Pinned behind the commissar, Brin Milo fired his own weapon, a compact automatic handgun that the commissar had given him some months before. By request of Van Voytz and on his own free will, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt leads a hand-picked team of Ghosts to Gereon; a Chaos-held world where Sturm is undergoing an agonising ordeal to recover his memory.

Tanith’s native wildlife included larisel, small animals hunted by woodsmen — for their fur and possibly for food — and shoggy; small amphibian creatures with bulging eyes that dwelled by woodland pools in Tanith’s forests.

It is a military science fiction series set in the Warhammer 40, universe.

First and Only

Tempted to try out Gaunt’s Ghosts, since I tore through the Ciaphas Cain novels in about a fortnight and hugely enjoyed them. He didn’t want to see the bony thing which was erupting from Drayl’s flesh. Gaunt and his troops are redeployed to the industrial world of Phantine, where the surface has been lost under a seething fog of chemical poison, leaving the remaining cities and vapour mills clinging to the tops of tall mesas and mountains.

Over the past decade, Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts series of military SF novels and several related series have sold more than a million copies for the Black Library, a remarkable feat that has made Abnett one of the UK’s biggest-selling SF authors with sales on a par with the likes of Peter F.


Talk about having no back bone as a person, sheez. Already have an account? Ultimately, it is one of the Ghost’s most beloved leaders who becomes a martyr in Sabbat’s name, as he gives his life defending her from the final assassin.

Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Anarch

As a result of this, the Tanith have a strong sense of direction, bred into them by adapting to this environment. According to Scout Trooper Bonin, most old Tanith families his own included baptise and officially name their children at the age of eight, as naming children at birth was considered premature and a child would grow into the names he or she would need.

Of the good guys, I liked Corbec and Mad Larkin. Even I had difficulty following every aspect of what was happening, the way the book jumped between times, character groups, and the nature that makes war, even futuristic war, difficult to swallow. Gaunt wrenched Caffran back to his feet. Jun 03, Sven rated it did not like it Shelves: There are a lot of characters, and the book is of modest length. I am really very excited to read the other books.

They are an excellent regiment of imperial guard, and much like Abnett breathed life into the Lunar Wolves, and the Iron Why has it taken me 10 years to finally read this book that one of my good friends told me to read back then? Which is a prime example of what Warhammer 40, is about.