CradlePoint MBR Quickstart Guide. CradlePoint IBR Datasheet. CradlePoint IBR Quickstart Guide. View and Download Cradlepoint MBR user manual online. ARC Series Router. MBR Wireless Router pdf manual download. View and Download Cradlepoint MBR product manual online. mission- critical broadband router. MBR Network Router pdf manual download.

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Page 19 If you would like to change your network name or password or configure any of the advanced features of the MBR, you will need to log in to the administration pages: Cradlepoint arc cba cellular broadband adapter pages.

Only enable this option if instructed by a CradlePoint support agent. Page 44 Port — Select by the physical port on the router into which you are plugging the modem e. Sierra Wireless v Antennas: Name used to match authentication credentials To add a local certificate, click Add. Select the defined application set or sets to match traffic related to those sets.

This causes the router to restart. For best performance, connect with only other Greater compatibility is a tradeoff with better performance.

Cradlepoint MBR1400 Product Manual

Shows if Random Channel is deselected. Mission-critical broadband router with integrated business modem 28 pages. Fail back based on the amount of data passed over time. Page 60 first if a range on the majual computer to receive proxy traffic. Deselect if you want your rule to apply to download traffic only. Page 67 PKCS 12 format.


If you are happy with the operation of the router, you may not want to upgrade just because a new version is available. This name is referred to as the SSID service set identifier.

Page 28 Wireless Mode: A measure of amount of information that is currently being sent or received through the network. Set up a schedule for this network interface. It provides access to 8 submenu options: Dns Servers Click Finish to save this rule.

An example use case is when there is a router with both a primary and failover WAN device and the tunnel should only be used when the system has failed over to the backup connection.

Cradlepoint MBR1400 User Manual

Select the length of a cycle from a dropdown menu with the following choices: Page 27 If you have forgotten your personalized password, you can reset the MBR to factory defaults. Page 28 The First Time Setup Wizard will help you customize the name of your wireless network, change passwords to something you choose, and establish an optimal WiFi security mode.


Typical uses involve running a public web server, supporting older games, or sharing files. Specifies the identifier sent to the remote host during phase 1 negotiation.

This is possible through most email services Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Don’t have an account? Please review this list and ensure they are compatible with how the router will be used. It cradlepoimt worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Once any numbers are listed, only those numbers have the ability to connect to the router via SMS. When this mode is selected a connection to the Internet is made as needed.

CradlePoint MBR Manual

The WPA Password must be craclepoint 8 and 64 characters long. Don’t have an account? This allows an interface to be enabled or disabled during specific hours of a day.