Nov 7, In Jeremias Gotthelf’s 19th century gothic horror story The Black Spider, newly translated by Susan Bernofsky, a young woman makes a pact. Apr 5, The Black Spider. by Jeremias Gotthelf. Translated by Susan Bernofsky. NYRB Classics, I picked up The Black Spider because of its. And yet, there it is, Jeremias Gotthelf’s “The Black Spider” (or, as it was titled in its original German, “Die schwarze Spinne”), holding pride of place in Jones.

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If you are gonna make deals with the devil, don’t think you can pull a fast one on him. Finally Christen who is browbeaten by his overbearing wife and mother captures the beast again, and dies from its bite.

Orthofer7 October With that hideous cover? Go black spider, go! The grandfather therefore feels obligated to finish the story:. An allegory, perhaps; and a crackling good read.

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Mephisto Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin. Oct 30, Greg Brozeit rated it liked it Shelves: Who do you think won? It is the oft-cited reason why teen pregnancies seem to be gotthhelf the rise despite the fact, based on reliable statistics, that they are in fact NOT rising or why violent crime is on the rise also despite the statistics suggesting that the opposite is true.

Thereby hangs a tale, one that, as the wise old grandfather who has lived all his life in the house proceeds to tell it, takes one chilling turn after another, while his audience listens in appalled silence.


During the s, he steadfastly opposed radicalism and secularism and placed a conservative emphasis on piety and ecclesiastical authority. And the more they fled, the more she pursued them, hurrying from one house to the next; the devil was reminding her of the promised child, she knew, and jeeremias tried to prevail on the others to make this sacrifice, hounding them in her infernal terror. Oct jeremis, Pages. There was much talk, all sorts of different advice, but whatever this affliction might be, no one was sorry for Christine, whom they shunned, fleeing her presence at every turn.

In the case of ‘The Black Spider’, I was beginning to get depressed by page 20 of this classic early nineteenth century Swiss horror novella.

Die schwarze Spinne

He started writing late in life. God, by definition, is supernatural, acting above and beyond Nature.

Discusses reasons why people do evil things–shows how they talk themselves into it–sets out a price for redemption. It is the oft-cited reason educators are given for not being able to maintain classroom discipline.

The Black Spider reads like a cross between a fable and a book from the Old Testament. Onto the story, I basically felt this entire story was one big: And, finally, I felt like I fully understood this story: His confidence is justified. The grandfather offers some explanations, but nobody is fooled; as one of those present notes: This was, to say the least, a weird story set back in time a while back. Those stupid asshole knights wanting their stupid Buddy read with the spookalicious Karly.

The Black Spider By Jeremias Gotthelf – The

He does something only the best horror writers, and the best preachers, can do: Why would you fear God, if God is Pure Love? Apr 05, Meike rated it really liked it Shelves: Hesitantly at first, the old man begins a story-within-a-story about a depraved, corrupt knight who cruelly abuses gotthelv serfs, a pact made with the Devil, and a demonic curse that plagues the entire countryside and threatens to kill every last person.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. They scurry off into the night and spread across the valley like a horrific disease, killing the livestock wherever they go. Even if she comes out badly in the end like Faustwe’ll still end up admiring her passion. Agitated, she went here, went there, seeking comfort and finding none, for the pain continued to sharpen, and the black dot grew larger and blacker, isolated dark streaks radiated from it, and at the edge of the spot that was closest to her mouth a bump had risen.

Bern, of the Sammlung Bernischer Biographien. The story goes back hundreds of years, when the local peasants had to do whatever the lord of the day said. But in evoking horror, the writer has an agenda. After the initial refusal, everything began to go wrong with their project.

The grandfather reluctantly assents and tells a tale that begins six centuries earlier when there were castles and knights and feudal spixer and serfs. Bewonderd door Elias Canetti en Thomas Mann.