Avtech | AVC | User manual | Avtech AVC User manual. H Network DVR User Manual Please read instructions thoroughly before operation and. Spesifikasi AVC D | 8 Channel Avtech DVR | Digital Video Recording by Avtech Surabaya. Spesifikasi Avtech AVCPV, 8 Channel DVR dengan fitur Push Video.

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Table Of Contents For details, please refer to the user manual of your LCD monitor. The smaller the value is, the higher sensitivity for motion detection. Date And Time Setting See the example below: Appendix 9 Dvd Writer Installation Replace the top cover and dvg the screws you loosened in STEP1.

The supported DVD writer models are as follows. There are seven options for your choice: Depending on the model you have, up to four channels for audio avvc796 are supported. To know whether your DVR supports this feature, please check with your local distributor or retailer.

Click or Click to show 4-cut display. Quick Menu Bar The GPL Code used in this product is released without warranty and is subject to the copyright of the corresponding author.

Avtech AVC796 Manuals

Select a value — The smaller the value is, the higher sensitivity for motion detection. The default setting of SS is 03, which means once an object is detected more than 3 grids, the system will get triggered.

Then, back up the recorded data if necessary. You will see similar screens as the following: Connect the indicated AC power cord to the power adapter, and plug into an electrical outlet.


Click to show the current network connection details. Put the DVD writer in the bracket, and fix it to the bracket with two screws on each side. When the last channel is displayed, it will start from CH1 again. When the login is successful, you will see the live dv. Don’t have an account? Simplified Version default The language change will take effect when this program is closed and executed again.

Avtech AVC User manual |

Remove the DVR cover, and find the battery on the mainboard. PIN 7 is Alarm Ptz Camera Setting Install the compatible HDD to the bracket. The file s you backup will be from vac796 currently selected IP address. Further source codes which are subject to the GPL-licenses are available upon request.

DVR is powered on. On Press the R. Record Setting Click to go to the detailed record setting. For details about this software and network settings, please download its extended user manual from the following link: For Selected Models Only Note: Function Description 9 Snapshot Click to take a snapshot for the current view, and open another browser window to display the captured image.

Oregon-System – CCTV – DVR Machine – AVC

Control Panel Overview Confirm that there is power supplied from the outlet. Key in the user name and password for accessing your DVR. The default value of CONT isand others are PIN 9 is Alarm Depending on the model you have, you may see either of the following methods: The default ID of the camera is The power LED will be on. It is recommended that consult your installer to setup this advanced menu.


To install the HDD on the left: To install the HDD at the middle: You will the following screen: Assign a new name to the camera up to six characters letters or symbols or numbers. To quickly backup, the DVD writer optional and USB port are built in for your convenience, or the network backup is also available. Event Recording Icon When the motion detection or alarm is activated, the motion icon any motion or alarm event.

Live audio of the 1st audio channel Playback audio of the 1st audio channel Live audio of the 2nd audio channel Playback audio of the 2nd audio channel Live audio of the 3rd audio channel Playback audio of the 3rd audio channel Live audio of the 4th audio channel Playback audio of the 4th audio channel The audio channel is not selected.

You will see a similar screen as the following when the login information is correct. Collegamento Telecamere Dccs