Version 4. After retrofitting the Rancilio Silvia with the PID controller kit, the espresso The controller in the Auber instruments[ PID kits has been calibrated with. Rancilio Silvia with Auber PID Perhaps more than any other home espresso machine, the Rancilio Silvia has a devoted, storied following. Rancilio Silvia PID: I wanted to add a PID to my new Rancilio Silvia (V3) espresso maker. After doing a bit of research, I settled on the Auber Instruments Model.

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Continue steaming milk, heater will stay on but temp will only go up a bit to C but will not go to the C cut-off. The PID controller in this kit is specifically modified for home espresso brewing applications. The reason I am looking at the Auber is twofold, 1 I like the style of it and how it seems to visually integrate with the machine and 2 is is less costly then others I have seen. With a custom made enclosure, the controller can be mounted between the group head and steam wand without interfering with their function.

No need for special tools. The only post I found on another forum seemed to indicate that the steam control isn’t a separate PID control not really sure what is meant by that. All units shipped outside US will be set for Celsius temperature unit. The steam temperature control allows the boiler temperature to be held at tighter range during frothing.

Please specify if you want it set differently.

In terms of determining the right temp to begin your steam did you simply monitor it once through to see what temp the boiler switched off and then begin a few degrees prior to that point? The single hole tip, boiler size and heating element are all perfectly balanced on the Silvia.


This kit fits all Silvia models, including the model made after pi I have recently purchased a Rancilio Silvia and Rocky. Custom manufactured PID temperature controller with parameters set for the machine. I would then know when to start my steam by just beginning a few degrees before the light is set to go off.

Sillvia driver, pliers, a socket wrench and small amount of alcohol. My technique works like this: No dilvia to learn how to set up the PID controller usually, this is the most challenging part of the project for espresso drinkers with no control engineering background. Download Manual User Login Required. They mention a range I don’t recall the exact numbers as it will be slighly different from machine to machine.

C20 Male Receptacle, Panel Mount.

The extraction timer contains three segments: BTW, I really like the kit. Home Forum Log In. However, if you have a silfia made between and Maywe can supply the kit with a screw type RTD sensor for better performance.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 July, The instructions with the kit are great, I had no problems at all.

PID Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia w/ pre-infusion

An alternate location would certainly work. For the user, operating this controller is the same as operating the regular machine; no extra button is needed to press for frothing.

Also, I saw a post ion CG about an issue one member had attempting to remove his steam wand and the fact that the PID was in the way. Home Forum Log In. Estimated installation time is around minutes.


To solvia this option, please choose the dropdown box at the top of this page. That is what I was thinking too – in that the steam function isn’t necessary.

PID Temperature Control Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia

Download Manual Piid Login Required. Did you have much adjustments to make? Basic knowledge of electronics wiring and safety. This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 October, Users can also bypass the timer to use the switch on the machine for manual control of the brewing process.

This mounting makes “it almost looks like it came with the Silvia! Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery? The platinum RTD temperature sensor is more accurate and has greater long-term stability than most thermocouple sensors.

Rancilio Silvia & Auber PID – Steam Control or No?

Illuminated Pushbutton Switch, 2 NO, 22mm. I am getting better at my dosing and tamping etc and am now looking at installing a PID. All units shipped outside US will be set for Celsius temperature unit. I doubt the model 3-hole tip on the Silvia will work wuber well.

It not only offers better performance but also saves you time and money.